Tendencias fintech 2020

Fintech 2020 trends: what’s new in the financial technology sector next year?

Entering the last four-month period of 2019, we have our eyes set on next year and what it will hold for fintech companies and users. In PaynoPain we work to get ahead of payment technology trends and be able to … Read More

Moratoria PSD2: nuevas fechas

(Español) Moratoria de la PSD2: en breves se confirmará la nueva fecha

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Tendencias eCommerce 2020- prepárate para que tu negocio online destaque

ECommerce 2020 trends: get ready to make your online business stand out

If your online business is already working well and you already control the marketing techniques that make you stand out, it’s time for you to focus on the future in order to stand out even more and advancing your competitors. … Read More

Cuenta atrás para la PSD2: ¿está tu hotel preparado?

(Español) [INFOGRAFÍA] Cuenta atrás para la normativa de pagos europea PSD2: ¿está tu hotel preparado?

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II Encuentro Fintech Women Network

(Español) El papel de la mujer en el sector fintech español

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El FMI predice que las monedas virtuales dejaran atras a las tradicionales

The IMF predicts that digital currencies will outperform traditional currencies

There are many conclusions reached by researchers from the International Monetary Fund and which have been reflected in the report “The rise of digital money“ published this past July 15th. These can be summed up in that it’s a matter … Read More

Webinar PSD2 hoteles PaynoPain

(Español) Webinars PSD2 para hoteles y negocios turísticos: 11 y 18 de julio

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Criptomonedas: ¿qué lugar ocupa España en el mercado internacional?

Cryptocurrencies: what place does Spain occupy in the international market?

Currently it’s estimated that the total value of cryptocurrencies in the international market is 246 billion dollars*, of which 139 billion* are Bitcoins. It’s also estimated that the number of investors is between 2.9 and 5.8 million, with these holders … Read More

Stablecoins: las criptomonedas estables emitidas por bancos

Stablecoins: stable cryptocurrencies issued by banks

Expert post Jorge Chiva, Web Developer at PaynoPain   Today everyone knows cryptocurrencies, or at least heard about Bitcoin. And is that since the Bitcoin appeared on the scene, there have been many stories that have caught the attention of … Read More

Historia tecnología finaciera: revolución de las empresas fintech

[INFOGRAPHICS] Do you know the history of financial technology? Discover how fintech companies have come to be the current revolution

Our world is in constant digital transformations and these are going faster day after day. Fintech or financial technology companies such as PaynoPain currently have a high demand and their prestige has increased considerably in recent years. The objective of … Read More