La pasarela de pagos de PaynoPain llega a Alemania

Paylands, PaynoPain’s payment gateway system, takes advantage of the latest technology to make online payments easy, fast and completely secure. So, it is not surprising that it has grown to the point of requiring its own marketing platform in Germany. Specifically, our payment gateway will start in July with its own offices in the DACH area to optimize the commercial and customer service work in Central Europe.


Germany is a very important international market, this becomes evident when we know that 24% of companies in this country sell over the Internet, above Spain and the European average. This figure gains even more when we discover that 17% of online purchases made in Spain are to German companies. A powerful online market that has great fintech requirements, an incomparable opportunity that PaynoPain has managed to interpret and take advantage of.


Because the only way to be a reference in fintech at a national level and to achieve it at an international level is by going ahead of the trends and needs of the markets, investing in research and development as a priority and getting a tremendous human team capable and motivated.


The one we share with you today is, of course, a milestone to mark in the PaynoPain success calendar. We celebrate once again that 2018 has come loaded with exciting projects and professional growth for us, demonstrating once again that a job well done and a well-planned illusion are the key to achieving business excellence.


Do you want your company to benefit from the advantages of Paylands or another of our fintech products? Contact us through the PaynoPain contact form and we will study your project.

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