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Getting into the banking sector is easier than ever.


In Paynopain we believe that banking processes can be simplified to improve the user experience so that paying becomes easier. Therefore, we offer you a custom mobile banking solution for you.


Our solution is fully customizable and integrable with your systems. In addition, we offer you a support team that will be by your side to support you throughout the process.
Getting into the banking sector is easier than ever.


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Financial management with your mobile
Thanks to CHANGEiT you can offer a fully customized mobile solution with your brand so that all your users manage their finances with their smartphones.

We believe that paying should be a quick, easy process and from anywhere, that the important thing should be to focus on what you buy so we are concerned with simplifying all banking processes.

What does CHANGEiT offer?

P2P money transfers

Sending money between users: simple, secure and in a few clicks.

Promotions and loyalty

From discount codes to loyalty programs to build customer loyalty. CHANGEiT is also a marketing tool with which you can improve your business sales.

Added value services

But the functionalities don't end here! With CHANGEiT you can also: pay bills, make mobile recharges, referral programs...

Payments in shops

0 cash! No cash or cards, CHANGEiT allows you to pay in physical business in a few seconds simply by reading a QR code.

Cash withdrawals

Do you need cash?, withdraw money from an ATM with the application.

Easy to integrate </>

CHANGEiT can work as both a banking tool and a connection to the decentralized financial system. It allows multiple integrations, such as:

Banking core systems

Integrate our platform directly into your Banking Core for complete system automation.

Card issuing platforms

Connect with your authorizing center and issue a bank card linked to the user's balance.


Compatible with blockchain technologies so that all transactions and balances are stored in the ledger of the ethereum or hyperledger technologies.
Do you want to be a digital and accessible telecommunication company with financial services?

It is already possible.

Offer new tools to your users to help them in their day to day:

Automation of the system

Integrate our platform directly into your systems for complete system automation.

Identify your users

Take advantage of our automated KYC tool to get new users directly with the mobile application without having to travel to a bank branch.

Promotions and loyalty

Use our promotions and loyalty tools to get users to use your app every day.
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Are you looking for a solution to automate your charges, maximize your business conversion and avoid fraud?

Collaborative economy

We know that companies in the collaborative economy sector have greater complexity in fund management as they must support thousands of buyers and sellers.


Learn more about our solutions for small and medium businesses.


Create a complete payment ecosystem based on mobile apps.


Mobile banking is easier than ever.


Do you need a payment gateway for your business? We offer our Paylands gateway as a solution, even under white label.
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