Comprender el comportamiento del cliente online

Understanding the online customer behavior

Isn’t that what all the owners of an online business or eCommerce want? Understand online customer behavior to anticipate their needs and desires, to offer them exactly what they want and in the way that interests them most. And for … Read More

Tendencias eCommerce 2020- prepárate para que tu negocio online destaque

ECommerce 2020 trends: get ready to make your online business stand out

If your online business is already working well and you already control the marketing techniques that make you stand out, it’s time for you to focus on the future in order to stand out even more and advancing your competitors. … Read More

¿Quieres que las ventas de tu ecommerce no disminuyan en verano?

Do you want your ecommerce to continue selling in summer? Follow these steps

Depending on the type of business that is your ecommerce you’ll have noticed that your results improve or get worse in summer. The summer season is very characteristic at the sales level, because if your product is related to holidays … Read More

Mitos sobre las compras online: desmentimos los más habituales

Have you believed any myth about online shopping? We explain some of the most common

How many times have you heard that buying online is not safe or that you run the risk of being a victim of fraud? Do you think this is a real risk or an unfounded myth?   First of all, … Read More

5 pasos para mejorar el ratio de conversión de tu ecommerce

5 steps to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce

The conversion rate of your e-commerce is one of the main metrics that will help you evaluate the sales success of your online store. If you still don’t calculate it, it’s time to start taking it into account, since it’s … Read More

Ventajas de cobrar en bitcoins y otras criptomonedas en tu tienda online

Advantages of charging in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in your online store

Currently it’s already possible to charge in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies although your online store is not dedicated to the blockchain. It’s as simple as integrating our Paylands payment gateway, and in addition to charging with debit or credit card … Read More

Inteligencia artificial para mejorar las ventas eCommerce

Artificial intelligence improves your eCommerce sales

As we saw in an expert post a few months ago, artificial intelligence advances at full speed and day after day offers more and more optimized technologies for all professional fields. In the case of the eCommerce sector or online … Read More

Razones para ofrecer pagos online en tu tienda / Reasons to offer online payments in your store

Reasons to offer online payments in your store

Not all online businesses are born on the Internet, there are a lot of brands and physical stores, big or small ones, that have made the digital leap in order to to sell through the Internet and improve their sales … Read More

Guía para mejorar las ventas de tu ecommerce en 2019

Guide to improve the sales of your eCommerce in 2019

If you manage an eCommerce or online store, surely at the beginning of the year you will set the goal of investing more in marketing efforts to improve sales in 2019. If you search the internet you will see that … Read More

Vender más por internet esta navidad

Do you want to sell more online at Christmas? This is your secret weapon

If you have a website to sell online, surely right now you will find yourself in the middle of the Christmas campaign. Everything must be ready as soon as possible to sell as much as possible: the website perfectly running, … Read More