PaynoPain fintech Europa STC Luxemburgo

Luxembourg success: PaynoPain consolidates its position in the European Fintech scene

After been selected months ago by the ICEX, and The LHoFT to participate in the STC Luxembourg 2018, the 10th and 11th of September finally the event arrived. PaynoPain has been one of the twelve Spanish Fintech companies that this … Read More

Pagos contactless - Contactless payments

Contactless payments: why are the future of in-store payments?

Nowadays we all have heard about contactless payments and their many advantages. It is also likely to have heard that this kind of payments are not completely secure and that there is still much room for improvement. What is true … Read More

EASYToll: proyecto tecnológico para autopistas más ágiles en Portugal

EASYToll: a technological project that has achieved more agile highways in Portugal

One of the main fears of vacationers who travel by car is to find a very congested road or even a traffic jam. And unfortunately in many countries this is a common thing in certain days because of the yearly … Read More

PaynoPain elegida para el STC Luxemburgo 2018

PaynoPain elected to participate in the STC Luxembourg 2018

In September 2018, the first edition of the STC Luxembourg is held in the city that bears its name and in PaynoPain we could not be happier to have been chosen as a fintech company to present our CHANGEiT e-wallet. … Read More

Empresa tecnológica PaynoPain

Castellón technological company will conquer Silicon Valley

Technological company PayNoPain, selected by ICEX with its easyGOband product, will visit San Francisco with the Spain Tech Center to contact investors.   Technological company EasyGoband, from the PaynoPain company in Castellón, is an innovative wristband to make access control … Read More