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Infraestruturas de Portugal chooses PaynoPain again

Years ago, Portugal decided to modernize the traditional method of motorway payment, and to achieve it they have been working together with PaynoPain for years. Easytoll has been operating since 2015 and consists of avoiding the traveler from stopping to collect the ticket and pay on the motorways: through a modern camera license plate recognition system, the charge is processed automatically without the vehicle having to stop.

This system works in a simple and fast way, which has allowed the decongestion of Portuguese highways for 5 years. Cameras installed on service roads next to these highways capture the license plate of the car, which has been previously associated with the driver’s credit card. This payment system has solved problems such as charging foreign registrations. And it is in the payment process in which the PaynoPain technology comes into action to complete a quick and efficient process for both the user and the Administration.

It is a fast and efficient payment system that allows the entire process to be automated, providing greater fluidity in the traffic of the neighboring country. Comfort, saving time, less pollution and reducing the number of accidents are other consequences of decongested roads.

And of course in this fully automated process the security of sensitive customer data is guaranteed thanks to the PCI-DSS certification. All the projects in which PaynoPain works have its identity seal: maximum security and comfort for the user, and it is precisely this level of commitment that makes Infraestruturas de Portugal continue to choose it as the payment provider year after year.

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