Tendencias eCommerce 2020- prepárate para que tu negocio online destaque

ECommerce 2020 trends: get ready to make your online business stand out

If your online business is already working well and you already control the marketing techniques that make you stand out, it’s time for you to focus on the future in order to stand out even more and advancing your competitors. … Read More

PaynoPain hemos conseguido el apoyo del CDTI para desarrollar nuestro smart wallet

PaynoPain obtains the CDTI support to develop a smart wallet

The objective of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), an institution under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, is to promote innovation and technological development of Spanish companies by financing and supporting R+D+i projects. However, getting the support … Read More

Inteligencia artificial para mejorar las ventas eCommerce

Artificial intelligence improves your eCommerce sales

As we saw in an expert post a few months ago, artificial intelligence advances at full speed and day after day offers more and more optimized technologies for all professional fields. In the case of the eCommerce sector or online … Read More

Qué es machine learning y cómo funciona

What is machine learning, how does it work and what is it used for

Expert post Héctor Vicente Moya, Project Manager at PaynoPain   We have mentioned in more than one occasion that our payment gateway (Paylands) uses artificial intelligence like machine learning technology in its anti-fraud system so that it can “learn” and be … Read More

Inteligencia artificial y empresas fintech

Online payments and Artificial Intelligence: a love story with a future

EXPERT POST Cristian Stan, Chief Dev Team PaynoPain and artificial intelligence expert.   It is no novelty nor will it surprise anyone to say that the fintech sector is intimately related to artificial intelligence. It is a logical connection between … Read More

PaynoPain is committed to artificial intelligence participating with the UJI in the project “SemanticBots”

From PaynoPain, as a benchmark company in technological develpment and innovation, we value and support the implementation of projects based on offering innovative solutions to society with the aim of facilitating day-to-day and everyday problems, however small they may be. … Read More