¿Tu hotel cumple las normas PCI? La tokenización es la solución

Does your hotel meet PCI standards? Tokenization is the solution

Summer is coming and with it the time of most work and sales for hotels. There are many hotels and search engines in the sector that carry out hundreds of daily economic transactions in our country and, therefore, need to … Read More

PaynoPain PCI DSS 3.2

In PaynoPain we renew the PCI DSS in its version 3.2

The PCI DSS, or Data Security Standard for the Payment Card Industry, is an essential requirement to guarantee the security of companies and consumers that operate with payment cards. This standard has been active for more than 10 years, periodically … Read More

PaynoPain obtains certification as a digital payment gateway in Mexico and Colombia

We crossed the pond definitely with new doors open in the Latin American market hand in hand with local partners with very good prospects for the future. PaynoPain has recently achieved official certification as a digital payment gateway in Mexico, … Read More