Comprender el comportamiento del cliente online

Understanding the online customer behavior

Isn’t that what all the owners of an online business or eCommerce want? Understand online customer behavior to anticipate their needs and desires, to offer them exactly what they want and in the way that interests them most. And for … Read More

Moratoria PSD2: nuevas fechas

(Español) Moratoria de la PSD2: en breves se confirmará la nueva fecha

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Tendencias eCommerce 2020- prepárate para que tu negocio online destaque

ECommerce 2020 trends: get ready to make your online business stand out

If your online business is already working well and you already control the marketing techniques that make you stand out, it’s time for you to focus on the future in order to stand out even more and advancing your competitors. … Read More

Cuenta atrás para la PSD2: ¿está tu hotel preparado?

(Español) [INFOGRAFÍA] Cuenta atrás para la normativa de pagos europea PSD2: ¿está tu hotel preparado?

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Webinar PSD2 hoteles PaynoPain

(Español) Webinars PSD2 para hoteles y negocios turísticos: 11 y 18 de julio

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¿Por qué los viajeros prefieren reservar y pagar online sus viajes?

Why do travelers prefer to book and pay online for their trips?

Last summer only 23% of travelers in Spain still booked some of their trips in a traditional travel agency. On the contrary, the rest of the trips were booked online, taking, for example, online travel agencies 32% of trips and … Read More

Colaboración de PaynoPain con la Asociación Española de Directores de Hotel

(Español) PaynoPain se une como empresa colaboradora a la Asociación Española de Directores de Hotel

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¿Quieres que las ventas de tu ecommerce no disminuyan en verano?

Do you want your ecommerce to continue selling in summer? Follow these steps

Depending on the type of business that is your ecommerce you’ll have noticed that your results improve or get worse in summer. The summer season is very characteristic at the sales level, because if your product is related to holidays … Read More

Cómo pagar en el extranjero para viajar más seguros

Are you going on a trip? We reveal how to pay abroad to travel safer

Summer is here! We started the holiday season and many of us have already planned or are planning our getaway abroad. We already have the plane tickets, the hotel, the suitcases … and the money? How are we going to … Read More

Las necesidades de pagos de las empresas de turismo online

The payment needs of online tourism companies

Internet has been a revolution for tourism companies. The most notable advantages of online tourism companies are that the purchase process can be facilitated to the maximum, is accessible globally and has minimal costs for operation and communication compared to traditional … Read More