¿Quieres que las ventas de tu ecommerce no disminuyan en verano?

Do you want your ecommerce to continue selling in summer? Follow these steps

Depending on the type of business that is your ecommerce you’ll have noticed that your results improve or get worse in summer. The summer season is very characteristic at the sales level, because if your product is related to holidays … Read More

Las necesidades de pagos de las empresas de turismo online

The payment needs of online tourism companies

Internet has been a revolution for tourism companies. The most notable advantages of online tourism companies are that the purchase process can be facilitated to the maximum, is accessible globally and has minimal costs for operation and communication compared to traditional … Read More

Los hoteles españoles podrán proteger las tarjetas bancarias de sus clientes gracias a un nuevo servicio de PROXY-PCI de PaynoPain

(Español) Los hoteles españoles podrán proteger las tarjetas bancarias de sus clientes gracias a un nuevo servicio de PROXY-PCI de PaynoPain

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Evitar ser víctima de phishing negocio online

What is phishing and how to avoid becoming a victim as a user and as an online business

Phishing is a fraud procedure used by cybercriminals, also known as identity theft. This computer abuse is identified by trying to appropriate private information of users by posing as official institutions, banks, web pages, messages or equivalents. There are different … Read More

Por qué elegir una empresa fintech española para gestionar los pagos online de tu negocio

Why choose a Spanish fintech company to manage the online payments of your business

The offer of online payment providers is very extensive both nationally and internationally. The largest companies known as Stripe or Paypal are of foreign origin and this inevitably leads to a much slower and less close attention to their customers. Luckily, the spanish … Read More

5 pasos para mejorar el ratio de conversión de tu ecommerce

5 steps to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce

The conversion rate of your e-commerce is one of the main metrics that will help you evaluate the sales success of your online store. If you still don’t calculate it, it’s time to start taking it into account, since it’s … Read More

Ventajas de cobrar en bitcoins y otras criptomonedas en tu tienda online

Advantages of charging in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in your online store

Currently it’s already possible to charge in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies although your online store is not dedicated to the blockchain. It’s as simple as integrating our Paylands payment gateway, and in addition to charging with debit or credit card … Read More

PaynoPain lanza un nuevo servicio para cobrar con Bitcoins y otras criptomonedas

PaynoPain launches a new service to charge with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Once again in PaynoPain we bet on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, this time boosting its democratization through our new service: an online payment gateway to buy and sell online using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as payment.   The tool, very … Read More

Razones para ofrecer pagos online en tu tienda / Reasons to offer online payments in your store

Reasons to offer online payments in your store

Not all online businesses are born on the Internet, there are a lot of brands and physical stores, big or small ones, that have made the digital leap in order to to sell through the Internet and improve their sales … Read More

Guía para mejorar las ventas de tu ecommerce en 2019

Guide to improve the sales of your eCommerce in 2019

If you manage an eCommerce or online store, surely at the beginning of the year you will set the goal of investing more in marketing efforts to improve sales in 2019. If you search the internet you will see that … Read More