Guía para mejorar las ventas de tu ecommerce en 2019

Guide to improve the sales of your eCommerce in 2019

If you manage an eCommerce or online store, surely at the beginning of the year you will set the goal of investing more in marketing efforts to improve sales in 2019. If you search the internet you will see that … Read More

Métodos de pago online: cuál es mejor como vendedor

Online payment methods: which is the best as a seller?

When we create an online store our final goal is to sell as much as possible, so when we choose the online payment methods we’re going to offer to our customers, we must also pursue this goal. However, to make … Read More

Elegir pasarela de pago en España

How to choose the right payment gateway

Choosing a payment gateway for your ecommerce or online store isn’t always easy. We know that there are many options and all of them seem to offer the same. How to differentiate, then, which are the best payment gateways? Today … Read More

Claves para elegir la mejor pasarela de pago para tu negocio online

The 4 key points to choose the best payment gateway for your online business

Maybe you have had a great idea and you’re about to create your own e-commerce. Or maybe your store has been working well for a while and you’ve decided it’s time to take it online. Or you may have a … Read More

EASYToll: proyecto tecnológico para autopistas más ágiles en Portugal

EASYToll: a technological project that has achieved more agile highways in Portugal

One of the main fears of vacationers who travel by car is to find a very congested road or even a traffic jam. And unfortunately in many countries this is a common thing in certain days because of the yearly … Read More

Criptomonedas: necesidades de las fintech que gestionan su compraventa

Cryptocurrencies: what needs do the fintechs that manage their sale?

Regardless of the disparity of opinions that exist about its future, if something is undoubted is that currently cryptocurrencies continue at a peak and the public shows great interest in them. And not in vain, because it is a market … Read More

¿Tu hotel cumple las normas PCI? La tokenización es la solución

Does your hotel meet PCI standards? Tokenization is the solution

Summer is coming and with it the time of most work and sales for hotels. There are many hotels and search engines in the sector that carry out hundreds of daily economic transactions in our country and, therefore, need to … Read More

La pasarela de pagos de PaynoPain llega a Alemania

PaynoPain payment gateway crosses borders to Germany

Paylands, PaynoPain’s payment gateway system, takes advantage of the latest technology to make online payments easy, fast and completely secure. So, it is not surprising that it has grown to the point of requiring its own marketing platform in Germany. … Read More