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PaynoPain launches a payment platform designed for Marketplaces and Sharing Economy businesses

At PaynoPain we are experts in online payments thanks to continuing to innovate day by day and working with the aim of simplifying payments for all business models. And two types of businesses that can be challenging when designing payment flows are Marketplaces and Sharing Economy platforms, since they move away from traditional models and involve transactions between many sellers and many buyers, having to add to the equation the commissions of the platform for the service.


Of course, these businesses cannot work with any payment service provider, since their needs are very specific and only specialized payment platforms will allow them to carry out their operational needs in an agile and comfortable way for all parties. For this reason, at PaynoPain we have combined our two solutions, Paylands and ChangeIt, to bring to the market a payment platform designed for Marketplaces and Sharing Economy businesses. Both technologies combined facilitate flexibility and customization of commissions and transaction flows.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the main advantages of our payment platform for Marketplaces and Sharing Economy businesses:


Flexible and customizable operations (split payments, payin, payout…)

Once the user makes a purchase, the process of dividing payments (split payments) between businesses begins, collecting commissions and sending transfers. Our payment platform offers total flexibility and customization so that Marketplaces can carry out these processes in real time or in an automated way (payin and payout), thus being able to complete the payment division in a few seconds. In this way, both sellers and the Marketplace itself will receive their benefits quickly and easily.


The most popular payment methods

Paylands allows you to offer a wide variety of payment methods to cover all target audiences. In a Marketplace it is even more important to offer this variety, since the customers are very different types of people, with very different needs and preferences. Debit and credit card, Bizum, Google Pay, Sofort, cryptocurrencies… The wider variety offered, the more likely it would be to hit the favorite choice of all users, and Paylands can integrate any of these payment methods.


Simple and fast KYC

In these business models it is not always necessary to carry out the process known as “Know Your Customer”, it will depend on the type of relationship established between businesses and/or customers with the Marketplace. However, in cases where it is necessary, at PaynoPain we have automated an agile KYC system so that the process is as quick and easy as possible for our clients.


PSD2 compliance

The new European PSD2 directive, among other things, requires businesses to carry out SCA or double authentication and Marketplaces that operate with Payment Institutions. In our case, we have a license from the Bank of Spain to operate as such, so we can serve Marketplaces and facilitate compliance with the directive. Additionally, our Paylands payment gateway simplifies strong authentication, performing it quickly and reliably for the customer.


Fair and clear commissions

The operation of a Marketplace or a Sharing Economy platform is already complicated enough for the payment service provider to complicate it even more with very high or unclear commissions. At PaynoPain we make personalized estimates that are adapted to the needs of each company, which are very fair and are charged automatically, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than running your business.


If your business is a Marketplace or a Sharing Economy platform (or works as such), you can undoubtedly benefit from our new payments platform. Take advantage of the experience and technology of our two main solutions and put them at the service of your business to achieve the best results and a convenient, simple and transparent payment service.





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    Specialized payment gateway: essential in the digitization of insurance companies

    In 2020, no business sector has been spared from forced digitization, from the most analog to those that already had one foot in the internet, as is the case with insurance companies. For insurers, the time has come to work in 100% digital without ceasing to offer the customer a close and efficient service, but the time has also come to comply with PSD2 and offer secure payments as well as efficient for the client and the company itself.

    For this reason, as experts in online payments, we want to highlight the payment needs of insurance companies, their pain points and how the appropriate payment gateway can provide a solution to all of them while facilitating the digitization and compliance with PSD2 by insurers.

    What problems does an insurance company face when collecting and compensating its clients?

    • Direct debit of payments is slow and confirmation of them even more.
    • A direct debit payment can be reversed in a single click if it raises questions.
    • Card charges require customer confirmation to comply with the SCA (PSD2).
    • An expired card can stop charges and lead to costly procedures and even the loss of the customer.
    • Call centers need to comply with SCA, PCI and gain efficiency.
    • The payment of compensations is slow and this involves costly procedures and dissatisfied customers.

    Luckily, at PaynoPain we have created a payment technology specialized in solving all these problems and facilitating the automation of collections, compliance with security regulations and the satisfaction of insurers’ clients.

    Paylands payment gateway allows:

    • Collections and confirmations of payments in real time.
    • More steps to carry out the reverse of a charge.
    • Programming the automatic collection of fees without user interaction and complying with the SCA.
    • Automatic renewal of expired cards.
    • Call centers with specialized charging technologies such as IVR PCI.
    • Possibility of paying compensations in minutes with Visa Direct and Mastercard Money Send services.


    Thanks to card charging through the tokenization of payment data, many of the problems associated with charges in insurance companies are solved. If we also add the multi-channel billing (email, SMS, WhatsApp…), especially by IVR in call centers (Interactive Voice Response), and efficient tools such as Visa Direct and Martercard Money Send, we get a perfect payment platform for this sector.


    This is the case of Paylands, which also has the most advanced anti-fraud tools, a control panel with statistics and a wide variety of functionalities, and a close and fast 24/7 customer service.



    If you are looking for the best payment service for your insurance company, inform yourself without obligation about how we can help you:


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      What trends in payment methods will emerge in 2021?

      The pandemic has accelerated the digital plans of most companies, reaching digital transformation plans that were initially going to take years to be carried out in a few months. Ecommerce has been strengthened by the pandemic and the online sales channel has become the main one for many businesses. But this is not the only trend in means of purchase and payment that COVID-19 has brought, several more have already been detected and their moment of consolidation will be in 2021.


      PSD2, payment initiation and a-commerce

      There is an event that many have forgotten but that will condition the world of online payments as much or more than the pandemic: the entry into force of PSD2. From the end of 2020 the authentication of the online buyer must be reinforced, but there will be a way to be able to make recurring charges, necessary for a-commerce (automated commerce), without the user having to identify himself each time or, at least, in a much faster way: the initiation of payments.


      And a trend that will inevitably be associated with double authentication is going to be the use of biometric features for the approval of payments. A touch with the fingerprint, the scan of the iris or the facial features will serve as confirmation to complete the payment quickly and safely for the user.


      Unified Commerce

      With the widespread digital leap that we are experiencing, the next logical step towards efficiency is to integrate all sales channels to offer a better customer experience, avoid duplication and optimize costs. To take this fundamental step, there are different technologies that will help businesses to centralize their sales, such as a payment gateway that works both offline and online but also includes social selling or apps and unifies all charges, data collection and statistics. Also, card tokenization will guarantee the security of payment data even in multi-channel mode.


      Ewallet and loyalty apps

      Although cashless payments have skyrocketed, the possibility of reducing intermediaries and that the customer can pay directly in a business’s own app is even more interesting. This is especially interesting for restaurants and cafes or companies that require great loyalty efforts, such as gas stations and service stations. Creating your own app serves to open a direct communication channel with the customer, it allows him to adopt the power to complete the entire purchase process practically independently and, in addition, it can include loyalty tools such as point cards or discount coupons . A wide range of possibilities that the pandemic has made much more necessary and that will begin to become popular from 2021.


      At PaynoPain we are experts in online payments and we are helping many Spanish and international companies to comply with the regulations and start working with the payment tools that we have seen.


      Find out how we can help your company to digitize and enjoy a more efficient payment system:


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        Trends in bookings and payment methods in the tourism sector

        Nowadays, speed and instantaneousness are protagonists in the course of daily life. With the irruption of new technologies, many of the behaviors that have been carried out have been modified. One of the clear examples is in the tourism sector, where booking and payment habits have completely changed in recent years.

        The popularization of OTAs has revolutionized the tourism sector. These online travel agencies have taken technology as an ally to offer lower prices, time savings and convenience when booking and paying online, they have even been a boost for small hotels.

        Travelers opt for online booking and payment from mobiles and computers

        According to the latest data issued by the Report from the Cetelem eCommerce Observatory, 72% of Spaniards prefer to pay for and book trips online. This data increases in the age range of 18 to 38 years, reaching 86% of the population. An age range that increasingly travels much more in search of adventure, therefore, the amount of income generated online by this group, can reach quite high numbers.

        It should also be borne in mind that, of the 72% of Spaniards who make reservations online, 47% do so using the computer and the remaining 25% use their smartphone, which means that it is important for hotels to have a multiplatform online sales system. But this does not only affect hotels, but also other companies in the tourism sector, since 46% of Spaniards contract or pay online for any vacation service or product.

        A payment gateway adapted to new consumption habits in the tourism sector

        Most of the payments made by tourists are made by debit or credit card, so it is essential to have a good payment gateway capable of tokenizing this sensitive customer data. Compliance with PSD2 regulations is no longer enough, the payment gateway must inspire confidence and security to the customer. In addition, the payment process must be quick and easy, since it is calculated that the average time spent by tourists to book a hotel at their destination does not reach just 5 minutes. Using a good payment technology is the way to make sure you don’t lose any customers during the payment process, a fairly common problem.

        But not only has there been an increase in online bookings and payments in hotels and companies in the tourism sector, reservations by phone and e-mail have also increased, so in such cases it will be important that the payment service also has a pay-per-link system with 3D Secure and even IVR (Interactive Voice Response), to achieve efficient and very secure remote collection.

        This change in habits in the way of booking and paying in hotels and companies in the tourism sector has also changed the way of traveling. Now, thanks to the speed of the internet and the power of smartphones, trips that arise unexpectedly without prior planning have become popular, reserving all services in a short time and online.

        Your hotel must provide a wide variety of online payment methods

        We also know that today 66% of Spaniards prefer to pay in advance for trips, since they thus space the expenses generated by the trip over time and do not bear them all at once when the vacation period arrives. Regarding the payment method, although the debit and credit card is still the star, the truth is that more and more travelers are opting for alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrencies. Covering a good range of different payment methods will always be a good idea, since the more options the customer finds, the more likely they are to choose us for their holidays. As well as having an automatic currency conversion system, to improve the comfort of foreign tourists who want to pay with another currency in their online booking and payment experience.

        At PaynoPain we work with the most advanced online payment technologies and our Paylands payment gateway has all the tools we have discussed and many more. The entire team at PaynoPain is very aware of the needs that our customers transfer to us and we strive every day to satisfy them.

        Would you like to improve the payment gateway of your hotel or tourist business to increase the number of reservations and online payments? Find out how to do it.

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          Secure payment gateway: PSD2, PCI and other factors to consider when choosing it

          Today, online shoppers are more informed and more demanding than ever. When shopping at an online store, they want to make sure that it is a secure service that will guarantee that their data is protected and that they will not suffer any setbacks in the purchase process. How to guarantee this? Choosing a secure payment gateway that allows you to comply with the PSD2, PCI-DSS and other important factors for the user.


          Secure payment gateway: PSD2

          There has been much talk about the new European directive that regulates online payments and that, after a moratorium, will be mandatory since November 2020. This regulation seeks to increase security for the online buyer and requires he to be identified and authenticated by two different ways (mobile, pin, fingerprint, etc.) to avoid the use of stolen cards. This is simple to comply with 3DSecure technology, which through the mobile phone authenticates the buyer twice.

          In the case of special businesses such as hotels, they will need a Merchant Initiated Transactions and card tokenization service to be able to make subsequent charges with a single initial authentication.


          Secure payment gateway: PCI-DSS

          Any company that stores customer payment data needs to comply with PCI-DSS or Data Security Standard for the Payment Card Industry. It is for this reason that any payment gateway will need to comply with these regulations to guarantee the legality and security of its customers.

          An alternative is to opt for a PCI PROXY service to comply with the regulations without needing to be PCI. This service is quite new and especially interesting for businesses in the hotel sector such as PMS or Booking Engines.


          Secure payment gateway: card tokenization

          A secure payment gateway will always offer cards tokenization as a security tool, as it is the safest way to work with sensitive data with the total guarantee that they cannot be stolen or decrypted. The operation is simple: the payment data of the card is transformed into a token or code without any logical relationship between them that will be the one that will represent that card within the system from that moment.


          Secure payment gateway: intelligent anti-fraud system

          That it has an intelligent anti-fraud system that allows to establish dynamic risk rules is definitive to know that we are facing a secure payment gateway. This tool allows you to establish suspicious behavior parameters and block users who are at risk of using a stolen card, for example. The more customizable it is, the better it will work when it comes to avoiding fraudulent activities.


          At PaynoPain we are experts in online payment technologies and our Paylands payment gateway has all these security technologies and more. Without a doubt, our service offers the highest security guarantee in the market, something really important when it comes to offering trust to online customers today.


          Do not hesitate, find out more about our payment gateway.

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