Complete interview of the Marca España program to PaynoPain

The RNE Marca España program interviewed Jordi Nebot, operations director and co-founder of PaynoPain, for the main projects the company has developed and for the visit to Silicon Valley. News soucre: Marca España

Interview of the Cadena Ser for the festival bracelet

The program La Ventana de la Cadena SER interviewed Jordi Nebot, co-founder of the PaynoPain company, for the easyGOband festival bracelet and for his visit to Silicon Valley. Fuente del audio: La Ventana – Cadena Ser

pulsera easyGOband

National repercussion of the easyGOband bracelet

After our visit to Silicon Valley by the Spain Tech Center (STC) Immersion Program promoted by the ICEX and the Cuatro news report, the easyGOband wristband has been made known and the national online press echoes the news: “La … Read More

The easyGOband wristband travels to Silicon Valley

THE PAYMENT BRACELET CREATED BY A YOUNG TECHNOLOGICAL COMPANY WAKES UP THE INTEREST OF UNITED STATES INVESTORS Jordi Nebot and Christian Bongardt traveled to Silicon Valley to present their smart bracelet to American investors. The young technological company from Castellón … Read More

Photographic summary of the trip to the United States by the Immersion program of the Spain Tech Center (STC)