Alternativas a Paypal o Stripe: la solución más sencilla

Are you looking for alternatives to Paypal or Stripe? Discover the simplest solution

Nowadays there are many ways to sell online, different payment methods that adapt to the needs of each type of customer. This is because the goal is to make things easy for the buyer, however many times the providers of … Read More

Pagos contactless - Contactless payments

Contactless payments: why are the future of in-store payments?

Nowadays we all have heard about contactless payments and their many advantages. It is also likely to have heard that this kind of payments are not completely secure and that there is still much room for improvement. What is true … Read More

Sandbox fintech España

The Sandbox of the Fintech sector arrives in Spain

As a first meaning, the word sandbox translated into Spanish means literally sandbox or sandbox, that park place where children can play inside a delimited space full of sand. However, nowadays the term has been adapted to new meanings and … Read More

La pasarela de pagos de PaynoPain llega a Alemania

PaynoPain payment gateway crosses borders to Germany

Paylands, PaynoPain’s payment gateway system, takes advantage of the latest technology to make online payments easy, fast and completely secure. So, it is not surprising that it has grown to the point of requiring its own marketing platform in Germany. … Read More

PaynoPain renueva su servicio de pasarela de pagos de la UJI

PaynoPain renews its payment gateway service for the management of banking operations of the UJI

If at the time it was already an important achievement to become the provider of the payment gateway for banking operations at the University Jaume I, today we are happy to confirm that the Castellón university has renewed the service … Read More

Payvalida, solución de pagos de PaynoPain y Validda_Colombia

PaynoPain consolidates its collaboration with Validda, creating the joint PayValida brand

The consolidation of the joint project between PaynoPain and Validda Colombia has resulted in the birth of the PayValida brand, a new benchmark in Colombia in practical and secure payment solutions for electronic commerce.   With numerous innovative utilities for … Read More