Tendencias fintech 2020

Fintech 2020 trends: what’s new in the financial technology sector next year?

Entering the last four-month period of 2019, we have our eyes set on next year and what it will hold for fintech companies and users. In PaynoPain we work to get ahead of payment technology trends and be able to … Read More

Tendencias eCommerce 2020- prepárate para que tu negocio online destaque

ECommerce 2020 trends: get ready to make your online business stand out

If your online business is already working well and you already control the marketing techniques that make you stand out, it’s time for you to focus on the future in order to stand out even more and advancing your competitors. … Read More

El FMI predice que las monedas virtuales dejaran atras a las tradicionales

The IMF predicts that digital currencies will outperform traditional currencies

There are many conclusions reached by researchers from the International Monetary Fund and which have been reflected in the report “The rise of digital money“ published this past July 15th. These can be summed up in that it’s a matter … Read More

Nuevo proyecto en Bolivia: Loyalty Clubs, con la tecnología de CHANGEiT

(Español) Nuevo proyecto en Bolivia: Loyalty Clubs, con la tecnología de CHANGEiT

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PaynoPain presentará en el Mobile World Congress 2019 su tecnología e-wallet

PaynoPain will be at the Mobile World Congress 2019 presenting our e-wallet technology

A few days before the start of a new edition of the MWC in Barcelona, ​​in PaynoPain we have everything ready to spend 4 days publicizing our white label e-wallet technology and all its potentials, especially to promote financial inclusion … Read More

La tecnología móvil como impulso para la inclusión financiera

Mobile technology as a boost for financial inclusion

As we have mentioned before, our CHANGEiT Wallet mobile technology is being implemented in different areas of the world that have a low rate of banking with the aim of boosting financial inclusion. But how can an app improve the … Read More

Inteligencia artificial y empresas fintech

Online payments and Artificial Intelligence: a love story with a future

EXPERT POST Cristian Stan, Chief Dev Team PaynoPain and artificial intelligence expert.   It is no novelty nor will it surprise anyone to say that the fintech sector is intimately related to artificial intelligence. It is a logical connection between … Read More

¿Tu hotel cumple las normas PCI? La tokenización es la solución

Does your hotel meet PCI standards? Tokenization is the solution

Summer is coming and with it the time of most work and sales for hotels. There are many hotels and search engines in the sector that carry out hundreds of daily economic transactions in our country and, therefore, need to … Read More

PaynoPain is committed to artificial intelligence participating with the UJI in the project “SemanticBots”

From PaynoPain, as a benchmark company in technological develpment and innovation, we value and support the implementation of projects based on offering innovative solutions to society with the aim of facilitating day-to-day and everyday problems, however small they may be. … Read More

pulsera easyGOband

National repercussion of the easyGOband bracelet

After our visit to Silicon Valley by the Spain Tech Center (STC) Immersion Program promoted by the ICEX and the Cuatro news report, the easyGOband wristband has been made known and the national online press echoes the news: ElPais.com “La … Read More