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Paying has never been easier.

Virtual POS for online store

We are a Spanish fintech company. Do you need a payment solution for your business? We can help you.
Paying has never been easier.

Virtual POS for online store

We are a Spanish fintech company.
Do you need a payment solution for your business? We can help you.


Are you looking for a solution to automate your charges, maximize your business conversion and avoid fraud?

Collaborative economy

We know that companies in the collaborative economy sector have greater complexity in fund management as they must support thousands of buyers and sellers.


Learn more about our solutions for small and medium businesses.


Create a complete payment ecosystem based on mobile apps.


Mobile banking is easier than ever.


Do you need a payment gateway for your business? We offer our Paylands gateway as a solution, even under white label.

Virtual POS Software

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In Paynopain we offer you all the tools you need for what concerns you most, you can automate your collections maximizing conversion, automating capital delivery, recovering debtors and at the same time protect your business against fraud.


A white label wallet technology with multiple functionalities, that allows payment, money transfer and loyalty programs among other options.
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Payment gateway

Comprehensive and omnichannel payment gateway with an adaptable, secure and fast interface. It guarantees an agile and intuitive user experience so that the payment process becomes simple and fast from any device.
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Fintech for business

Customized Fintech solutions. Complex projects where technology plays a fundamental role in the financial sector.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is PaynoPain?

    PaynoPain is a fintech dedicated to technological research and development and our mission is to create applications that provide simple and innovative solutions to everyday problems, putting the most advanced technology at the service of society. We are constantly betting on new processes and methodologies, having the client and our human team as fundamental pillars on which our values ​​are founded.  

    Since 2011 we have offered payment coverage on a global scale and we currently have technological projects in more than 12 countries around the world. In 2020 we obtained the license from the Bank of Spain to operate as a payment institution, which allowed us to offer financial services such as virtual and physical POS. This was the birth of PaynoPain Financial Services. 

    Thanks to this, we can offer a complete virtual and physical payment service, in connection with our Paylands online POS and different alternative payment methods. 

    What is Paylands?

    Paylands is PaynoPain’s payment gateway, which offers an intuitive, adaptable, secure and fast interface; We try to achieve an optimal user experience from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

    What price and/or commissions does the Paylands virtual POS have?

    To contract a virtual POS it is necessary to first know the needs of the client, since a small business is not the same as a multinational company. At Paylands we offer personalized rates so you can start selling online right now with the maximum comfort.

    What type of business can choose to have a Virtual POS?

    From a small company to a multinational, we have the right structures to manage the payment services you need. 

    Our main objective is that our gateway does not pose a barrier for the consumer, but that its integration into eCommerce systems is as easy as possible.

    Can you pay with different currencies through Paylands?

    With Paylands, merchants can receive the amount of the purchase in any currency and it will automatically be transferred to the merchant’s account in euros.