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Your store more online than ever.

TPV virtual ecommerce

Are you an online business and need to be able to sell your products or services online? You have found the perfect solution for your business! In PaynoPain we have everything you need to maximize your sales safely and without the need for integrations. Start selling from today safely and quickly.

Plugins for e-commerce

Our Paylands payment gateway has plugins for the most famous e-commerce on the market. Start selling online without wasting time on integrations.


Easily recover abandoned carts

E-mail campaigns

Send personalized e-mails for each user so they can finalize a purchase.


Send personalized SMS for each user so they can finalize a purchase.

Voice campaigns

Redirect in real time a call in your callcenter, to our IVR PCI system to charge a user, or create automated campaigns for our robot to call all your users to make the corresponding payment.

Pay by link

Send payment links to your customers through Whatsapp or social networks.

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Inmediate charges and confirmations

Users can finalize the payment in real time and receive confirmation in your e-commerce system.

Use our subscription management solution to collect charges for the services your business offers periodically to its users, without having to worry about manually charging each customer and saving time and money in staff.

With our Business Intelligence system you can track the most relevant metrics for your business without investing in expensive solutions.

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    Company headquarters


    Do you need a payment gateway for your business? We offer our Paylands gateway as a solution, even under white label.


    Are you looking for a solution to automate your charges, maximize your business conversion and avoid fraud?

    Collaborative economy

    We know that companies in the collaborative economy sector have greater complexity in fund management as they must support thousands of buyers and sellers.


    Learn more about our solutions for small and medium businesses.


    Mobile banking is easier than ever.


    Create a complete payment ecosystem based on mobile apps.


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    Solutions for hotels

    We specialize in offering payment solutions to hotels. We comply with PCI Compliance regulations so we can offer PCI DSS services to hotels that cannot store card data.

    We also integrate with the hotel sector management programs such as PMS, Channel Managers or Booking Engines. Do you want to know more about our solutions? Whatever your hotel is, call us.

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    In Paynopain we offer you all the tools you need for what concerns you most, you can automate your collections maximizing conversion, automating capital delivery, recovering debtors and at the same time protect your business against fraud.


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    Collaborative Economy

    If you are a business based on collaborative economy, in Paynopain we offer you the tools to automate your collections, manage payments to users and at the same time comply with banking regulations and money laundering. Our solution is easy, convenient and safe.

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    Solutions for e-commerce

    Our Paylands payment gateway is the perfect way to make all the payments your business needs.

    In Paynopain we care about our customers, from the small to the large, we always offer the best service to all of our shops. We offer all kinds of services.

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    In Paynopain we believe that banking processes can be simplified to improve the user experience so that paying becomes easier. Because of that, we offer you a custom mobile banking solution specially for you.

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    Get a mobile bank that helps you comply with the regulations in force in each country and allows you to easily retain your users.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can I use the Paylands gateway without integration? / Can I use the Paylands gateway if I don’t have an online store?

    Yes, you can use Paylands if you don’t have an online store. With our gateway you can create and send payment links through email, social networks, Whatsapp or SMS.

    If your sales do not depend on an online store or a step-by-step purchase process, this solution is ideal for you.

    If I have my store on Shopify, can I use your services?

    Of course. At PaynoPain we have a wide variety of connectors for the most used ecommerce platforms on the market with which you can integrate your website without programming. If you are looking for a POS for your ecommerce, this solution is ideal for you.
    We have a connection with Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopware, Oracle Middleware, Connector, WHMC, VirtueMart, OsCommerce, OpenCart, Zencart and Vtex. You can check more details in the documentation.


    Can I save the card data of the customers of my online store?

    Yes, the data is stored tokenized and in compliance with the PCI DSS regulations, which keeps the data protected and available to make one-time charges, recurring in the case of subscriptions or allow a customer to have more than one card associated with their profile in the store or application.

    Can I use my own virtual store software?

    Yes, you can integrate POS for eCommerce via API or by using the connector that we have developed for the different online store systems on the market.

    You have the detailed instructions in the documentation.