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Technological partners
At PaynoPain we work with specialized partners from different sectors to offer our clients the most appropriate and innovative solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each project.


We use on the latest technologies and methodologies to create innovative and quality products. To achieve this we work with the best suppliers.

Ventajas de ser nuestro partner

Exclusive information and training on gateway updates

Exclusive access to new functionalities

Opportunity to create strategic alliances with other partners

Co-development for process improvements

Constant innovation and total security

Revenue from new customers

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Nuestros partners
Witbooking is a provider of online solutions for the hotel industry that was born with a clear mission: to help hoteliers to promote direct bookings through their website.
Winhotel is a platform for the operational management of hotel establishments and chains, making it possible to streamline processes, increase productivity and improve guest satisfaction levels.  
Ulyses Cloud is the PMS software for hotels developed by Tesipro Solutions. It allows centralized management of all operations, including reservations, rates, guests and one or more properties, from a single platform.
Unnax is an Electronic Money Institution registered with the Bank of Spain, authorized to provide account information services and payment initiation services, in addition to providing and managing accounts and electronic money.
Antfor is dedicated to the design, development and implementation of multi-platform software for hotel management, while offering advice to customers for the improvement of all associated operational processes.
Brainbond is a company dedicated to the development of solutions for the integral management of educational centers such as schools, academies or universities. Through its software it facilitates administrative tasks, from the issuance and accounting of invoices, to the filing of taxes.
CreativeTecno Lodging is an all-in-one solution that offers channel manager, PMS, guest communication, Guardia Civil connection, billing and collection management in one easy and intuitive system.
Technology company specialized in developing and implementing digital cloud solutions. A technology partner to undertake the digital transformation with the most powerful management and cybersecurity solutions and an omnichannel service that adapts to the needs of each organization to improve its performance.
Dingus provides hotels with sales planning tailored to each distribution channel, through innovative technology and constantly evolving tools capable of managing the entire marketing process, from strategy development to booking management and collection.
Spanish company specialized in direct debit collections.
Technology company that facilitates digital transformation in the tourism and leisure sector. Using contactless technology, they offer customized solutions that improve operations and make users experiences unique.
GIMH provides products and services that bring added value to customers and their direct sales channel: website, booking engine, call center, SEO-SEM positioning, email marketing and social networks.
Green Software offers solutions for the management and commercialization of services offered by companies in the hotel sector, colleges and student residences, restaurants and other collectivities.
SaaS management of tourist accommodations and hotels.
A travel tech that offers a suite of tools specifically designed to offer guests a 100% contactless experience.
Hotetec specializes in the design and development of solutions for the distribution and online sales of hotel establishments. Hotetec is part of the Dome Consulting group, a leader in technology and state-of-the-art tourism software.
Kamalyon is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the IT sector, dedicated to the design, development, integration and support of new information technology projects.
The world's first alliance of independent hotels. Keytel offers strategic consulting and high quality creative solutions combining knowledge, global experience, technology and exclusive alliances.
Since 1994, Limosys Software has been dedicated exclusively to the development of software, programs and tools for the transportation industry.  
Leading national company dedicated to providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for hospitality, food and retail businesses.
Masteryield is dedicated to the research and development of computer applications for a modern hotel management adapted to the needs of the sector.
Mirai is a partner of the hotelier working in 3 areas: creation and maintenance of the hotel's direct sales platform (web, mobile, reservation systems, etc.), marketing services and metasearch connectivity, and development and implementation of the sales and marketing strategy.
Moddo offers advanced solutions for retail companies, brands and shopping malls.
Neobookings is a solution that maximizes performance and enhances direct sales for the most demanding hotel chains and design hotels. Thanks to the most advanced technology and their experience in the sector, they provide hotels with efficient management and optimal online distribution.
Nomolesten is a website for booking hotels and charming accommodations in Spain and whose main mission is to bring rural tourism to all audiences.
Omnibees is a complete platform with technological solutions that make room booking a simple, productive, efficient and secure process.
Oracle is a database management tool used by large companies to control and manage a large amount of content from a single file, thus reducing costs and minimizing the risk of information loss.
Specialists in the development and implementation of technological services to enhance the direct sales of hotel and tourism establishments: booking engine, revenue management, web and online marketing.
PayiQ is a multimodal mobile ticketing service for transport operators and event organizers.
Recreativos Franco offers technological solutions and products for all subsectors of the gaming industry: hospitality, gaming halls, bingos, casinos and online gaming.
Roibos is a marketplace that allows the hotelier to distribute content and rates to tour operators, travel agents and B2B OTAs worldwide. Through a single platform, the hotelier can modify both content and rates, as well as distribute inventory more easily and cost-effectively.
Leading technology company in providing solutions for gaming operators. With more than 15 years of experience in the online sector, it has developed ALIRA, the definitive integrated and centralized management platform for the needs of online gaming operators.