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Fintech for Companies and SMEs

With more than 25 software engineers and more than 10 years of experience in the financial sector, we have acquired the know-how that allows us to create unique and innovative products and projects every day.

We offer our clients all the necessary technology so that their Fintech projects become a success. We love complex projects and great challenges because this is where technology plays a fundamental role.

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We are Fin, but above all we are TECH.

We have experience creating Blockchain-based projects, with different technologies, from Ethereum, to more private environments such as Hyperledger Fabric. We know that the choice of a technology is complicated, this is why we advise our clients about which technology is best suited to their project and the development of the solution they are looking for.

We are experts in projects for issuing financial cards for all types of projects and formats, from a smartwatch with a built-in bank card, to a card for sending money (remittances). Are you interested? Contact us and we will guide you throughout the process, from the first idea until the project becomes a reality.

Examples of projects

Projects to make payments in closed environments using wireless technologies, both NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, QR and even ultrasound.

Today we manage public transport charges for several cities in the world with our own technology.

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Tap & Drop your vending machine that doesn’t need cash or internet

Tap & Drop turns any vending machine into a smart device with which users can make purchases without the need for cash! And there is more: the vending machine does not need to connect to the internet! Simply pair the mobile device with the machine via bluetooth.

  • It is a project that mixes Fintech technology and the internet of things (iOT).
  • Forget about cash!
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