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5 reasons to open an online store if you already have a physical store

05 November, 2020

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These days everybody is talking about the importance of having an online store, even if your company is an SME. But the truth is that sometimes, when you already have a physical store that works well, it is difficult to see reasons to dedicate the time and effort necessary to create an online store or, at least, a website about the company.

Actually there are many compelling reasons to have an online presence, whatever the business area you work with. And with the aim of clarifying ideas and giving the necessary push to those who still do not have their own website, we have compiled the 5 main reasons to open an online store if you already have a physical one:


1. Do not lag behind the competition

If they haven't already, it is a matter of time before the direct competitors of a physical business create an online version of themselves. And while it is tempting to wait for this to happen to follow in their footsteps, the ideal if you want to have an advantage over the rest is to be the leader in the digital race and not a mere follower.


The time that an online store has been open is decisive in its level of traffic and its reputation, therefore the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to open your own website as soon as possible.


2. Reach a much larger audience (even international!)

No matter how many customers a physical store has, it will always be geographically limited to its neighborhood, city or, at most, region. Taking the virtual leap means being able to reach as many users as you want, you just have to plan the logistics to be able to deliver the products or services nationally or even internationally.


In addition, the fixed costs of an online store are very low, so if the expected results are not obtained as quickly as desired, this will not be an economic challenge for the business.


3. Sell without schedules

More and more, customers are getting used to buying online for the convenience of being able to do it from home and at any time. Work hours do not always leave free time to go shopping in physical stores and this also favors online sales.


Therefore, an online store better adjusts to the schedules of those customers who cannot go to the physical store and serves as a complement, allowing sales 24/7. In this way, the workload in the physical business is also reduced and both worlds can even be connected allowing the collection of products purchased on the web in the store.


4. Cheap and effective advertising

Advertising campaigns are much cheaper on the internet than in traditional media such as press or television. And the truth is that, today, the audience that can be reached through this channel has nothing to envy the rest of the media. Ads can be created on social media, Google Ads or online media for the desired financial investment, however it is essential to have a web page to which to direct the traffic that is achieved in these campaigns. And if users can buy directly from an online store, the chances of success grow exponentially.


In addition, online marketing campaigns have the added advantage that, if they are well configured, they have a very high profitability and, in addition, it is possible to know exactly where each client has come from to adjust the parameters and the investment.


5. Virtual stores are immune to confinement

Given that we are in the midst of a health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that many businesses have suffered great economic losses due to the confinement experienced, it is inevitable to take this point into account when making a decision. Those businesses that had an online version have been able to continue working and have focused on virtual sales to alleviate possible losses, while those that only had a physical store have had to close and stop all economic activity.


We do not know if this situation will happen again in the future, but it is certainly something to consider when deciding to create an online store for our business.


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