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EASYToll: a technological project that has achieved more agile highways in Portugal

09 August, 2018

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One of the main fears of vacationers who travel by car is to find a very congested road or even a traffic jam. And unfortunately in many countries this is a common thing in certain days because of the yearly summer exodus. However, in Portugal since 2015 the roads are much more uncongested and safer, even in these feared days. How is that possible? Because of the EASYToll electronic tolling system, the result of a technological project in which PaynoPain has participated.


The concept is as simple as vehicles not having to stop to take the ticket or pay when entering and leaving a highway, avoiding retentions and, consequently, accidents and delays. The way to achieve this is by installing cameras that detect the license plate of the vehicle and charge the amounts directly to the owner's card, after connecting both data via the Internet or via "Welcome Points" by the user. Of course, all highways with exclusively electronic toll are appropriately signposted.


With the EASYToll technology everything is automated, from the detection of the license plate to the final payment, and it’s in this last part that PaynoPain participated in the project, by contributing with our online payment technology and adapting it to the requirements of this special technological project. We have achieved success by working closely with Infraestruturas de Portugal, the entity responsible for carrying out this innovative and successful project in 2015.


Since its implementation, it’s been easy to verify the great advantages that come with this electronic system of tolls: comfort, savings, safety, agility, ecology... In short, the benefits of moving on uncongested roads without stopping more times than desired. It’s for this reason that in PaynoPain we are especially proud of this project, which continues to add value day by day to the lives of thousands of Portuguese citizens and tourists who visit our neighboring country.


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