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ECommerce 2020 trends: get ready to make your online business stand out

29 August, 2019

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If your online business is already working well and you already control the marketing techniques that make you stand out, it’s time for you to focus on the future in order to stand out even more and advancing your competitors. To help you achieve this, we have investigated the eCommerce trends that will rise in 2020 and have brought you the most interesting ones so that you can start implementing them on your site now. Do you want to anticipate trends? Take note!


Mobile purchases increase

This is possibly the trend that is more obvious that will continue its growth: every day the consumer buys more and more through his mobile phone and everything indicates that this will continue to go further. It’s expected that in 2020 45% of eCommerce revenues will arrive through the mobile format, so it must be taken into account more than ever.

Nowadays adapting the technology of your online store so that the user's shopping experience is optimal on any device is a must. In addition, there are tricks that can help you make the mobile experience even better like avoiding too long titles and descriptions. The content will have to be very visual and direct.


Cryptocurrencies as payment method

It's also easy to predict that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general will continue to gain popularity in 2020. And, although you may not see the connection to your eCommerce, it really exists. Because, yes, it’s already possible to include cryptocurrencies as a payment method on your website.

Offering this option is more than advisable to differentiate yourself from the competition and win over that part of your target audience that are also blockchain supporters. And, in addition, doing so can be as simple as moving to our Paylands payment gateway, which allows you to include this option without having to make any effort on your part.


Voice commerce and Thing commerce

The sales made automatically through devices connected to the Internet (IoT) and voice search devices (mobile phones and smart speakers) will increase. This second type of purchase seems to be one of the fastest growing in 2020, so it’s important to stay informed on the subject and prepare your eCommerce.

For Thing commerce, it will be essential to collect data from the target audience and the devices that are of interest to them and are related to your sector in order to prepare specialized marketing campaigns and become their main provider.

Regarding Voice commerce, a good strategy is to start selling in marketplaces of the giants that have the most popular brands of smart speakers, such as Amazon and Google. Once inside, getting good customer ratings or promoting products will be ways to position yourself above the competition and be one of the first options that smart speakers present.


Big data, artificial intelligence and chatbots

It’s expected that chatbots will work in about 85% of customer service centers, so it’s worth considering incorporating it into your website. But, in addition, this will be one of the main methods to obtain customer information, information that will allow, on the one hand, to send personalized offers through an artificial intelligence system and, on the other, to collect large amounts of data through big data technologies.

And these are just examples of what can be done through these three powerful technologies. Chatbots can also serve as purchase assistants to guide the customer and even end up formalizing the sale. Predictive learning will be another very useful tool to create personalized experiences for each customer, offering in each case the product that is calculated to be preferred.


Videos multiply sales

You may already have very attractive photographs and brief descriptions with well-worked SEO in the product listings of your eCommerce, but do you already have videos? You’d be interested to know that the video is the format that generates more trust in customers and this translates into 37% more conversions, so it’s worth considering.

Depending on the sector of your business it will be more or less convenient to create small illustrative videos of the products. In case it’s not ideal to make a video for each product or you can’t afford it, try at least including some videos on your website to reinforce your brand image and customer confidence.


As you’ll see, the eCommerce trends that are coming for 2020 are many and very interesting. And now it's time for you to start updating your site to make sure you get there the first one.

For our part, at PaynoPain we’re experts in cutting-edge payment technologies and we can offer you a payment gateway with alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrencies and many tools that will make your job easier.


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