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How to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method in your e-commerce store

07 March, 2021

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One of the sectors that we have worked with for years is cryptocurrencies, both as payment providers for major crypto exchange platforms, as well as offering the cryptocurrency payment gateway service for e-commerce stores. We know that the importance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be even greater in the future and we have opted for them from the first moment.


During the last months, with the significant rise that Bitcoin is experiencing, many businesses are choosing to start charging in this popular cryptocurrency and others. Taking this step is really easy if you have the correct payment provider, as is our case.


Cryptocurrencies have great advantages as a payment method

  Among the most outstanding:  
  1. Payments are immediate and global: without geographic restrictions or bureaucratic procedures involved, cryptocurrencies can be exchanged immediately between any two points in the world.
  2. Payments are faster and more comfortable: paying with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through our payment platform is as simple as scanning a QR code, this speeds up the payment process and favors conversion.
  3. Chargebacks cannot occur: transactions with these virtual currencies are irreversible, so the client will not have the possibility to request a return of the payment without negotiating it with the merchant beforehand.
  4. It is a differentiating value for commerce: every day more people have Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their virtual wallet and declare themselves fans of the blockchain. For these people, being able to pay online with their cryptocurrencies is important, so they will preferably choose e-commerce stores that allow it.

How to start charging with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your e-commerce store


The truth is that if you use Paylands as your payment gateway, the process is so simple that it is not necessary to even specify steps. When starting to work with our payment platform, it will be necessary to specify which payment methods you want to incorporate (credit and debit cards, Bizum, cryptocurrencies...) and our commercial, administrative and technical teams will work to launch Paylands as soon as possible in your e-commerce store, in addition to solving any questions that may arise in the process.



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