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It is time to retain new online customers

21 May, 2020

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E-Commerce has had 55% growth in the last two months due to the closure of shops, which has meant the arrival of many new customers to online stores. Doubtlessly, it’s a unique situation that must be strengthened, achieving new customer loyalty and improving long-term results. If this is your case and you are looking for a way to retain your new customers as soon as possible, we bring you the most important strategies that you can do to achieve it:

1- Establish feedback with the customer

We must provide the customers with useful tools  and communication channels to transmit their opinions and experiences with our product. Both positive and negative reviews help us to keep improving. In this way, the client will feel valued and increase his confidence and comfort in front of our brand, at the same time that we get information to resolve mistakes and improve our service. It’s very important to offer quality customers service which is actually effective helping customers. 

2- Increase your presence on social networks

Increasing engagement is most important to improve online clients loyalty. It provides us the opportunity to show the human side of the brand, getting closer to the customers and their social environment. Social networks are not only an indispensable tool for instant and massive communication and promotion, but also an effective method to retain clients through own content which encourage interaction or causes emotional stimuli in the online community. In addition, it allows to improve both the recognition and the image of the brand.

3- Offer discounts and personalized offers.

Discounts and offers stimulate the purchasing action of our products. Through this loyalty strategy we facilitate the consumption of the “associated products” for clients., at the same time that we get them to have better knowledge of our website. Recommending, offering and providing discounts to customers in concrete products based on previous purchases will help us to stimulate the purchase in our lines products. Also, launching giveaways and gifts to reward your brand loyalty is an effective strategy to build customer loyalty.

4- Safe and comfortable shopping experience. 

In a time when scams and data theft are very present on the network, the customers feel defenseless in internet, so our website must inspire confidence and security by the time the customers are going to introduce a sensitive data. Therefore, a payment gateway that inspires confidence and security is an indispensable tool to retain online customers. 

In order to help you in your objective, in PaynoPain we have Paylands, our payment gateway which helps in improving customers’ loyalty thanks to a quick and easy payment process and the large number of security tools that it includes.  

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