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Looking for alternatives to Paypal? We have the payment solution you need

01 January, 1970

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Whether you are starting to set up your online store or if it has been already working for a while, surely you need to know the different online payment methods that exist and compare the conditions of the different payment gateways. The most common is to go for the largest and most well-known providers, such as Paypal or Stripe, however these are not always the best options for everyone.


Large companies find it difficult to take into account the needs of online sellers, as well as to provide a personalized service. Contrary to what you might think, commissions are often higher than in smaller companies and it is difficult to get support from them when it comes to integrating or solving problems that may arise. There are many alternatives to Paypal, but our Paylands payment gateway is one of the simplest, cheapest and most complete options that can be found. Let's see it in more detail:


Alternative to Paypal with fast and personalized support

The most common complaints towards large payment provider companies is that they fail to offer a fast and personalized support service to customers. This is not the case of PaynoPain, since our size allows us to offer a close, efficient and individualized service to all our clients. Our experts in online payment methods attend 24/7 any incidents that may arise, for that reason our clients are really satisfied with the attention received.


Alternative to Paypal with cheaper commissions

Whether you want to cut costs or not, saving money each month is not bad for anyone, right? That is why commissions can be a factor to take into account when choosing one payment platform or another. Paylands offers very adjusted and personalized commissions for each case, always seeking to minimize expenses and maximize the benefit of our clients. If you want to know the commissions for your business, do not hesitate to contact us through this form.


Alternative to Paypal with the best security for both seller and customer

Security is crucial when it comes to online payments, but not only for end customers but also for the seller. Fraud attempts affect both parties and it is essential to hire a payment provider that includes in its platform a robust security system and with the most current technology, which also offers measures that protect the seller, such as dynamic anti-fraud rules, white and black lists, etc.


If you are looking for a payment provider or you are considering changing the current one and you want to know an alternative to Paypal that is robust and with great advantages, do not hesitate to contact us, and our sales representatives will answer all your questions, without any commitment:

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