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Luxembourg success: PaynoPain consolidates its position in the European Fintech scene

13 September, 2018

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After been selected months ago by the ICEX, and The LHoFT to participate in the STC Luxembourg 2018, the 10th and 11th of September finally the event arrived. PaynoPain has been one of the twelve Spanish Fintech companies that this week have had the opportunity to present the most revolutionary financial technology in the financial heart of Europe. And we can anticipate that the event has been a success for our company and for the Spanish fintech scene.

Our CEO, Jordi Nebot, was in charge of showing to the representatives of the European Fintech and financial scene the fruit of the research and work that the PaynoPain development team carries out day after day. The potential of our CHANGEiT wallet immediately aroused the interest of the attendees, who saw in the technology created by PaynoPain lots of possibilities of synergy and growth.

The Spanish Fintech community strengthens its position in Europe

That Spanish Fintech companies are at the forefront of innovation in Europe are not breaking news, but the STC Luxembourg has served to demonstrate once again the enormous innovative capacity of the fintech community in Spain. A community that has strengthened internal ties in this event and has seen its potential recognized and increased thanks to the ambitious ICEX program.

Companies like PaynoPain, Housers or My Value have had the opportunity to present our projects in the financial ecosystem and privileged space that is The LHoFT. An event that will entail important benefits for the Spanish Fintech community, benefits that have already begun to materialize in investment and business synergy realities.

CHANGEiT Wallet: an e-wallet that promotes financial inclusion

CHANGEiT Wallet was the technology we presented from PaynoPain, it was chosen to take the stage on this occasion due to its innovative nature and its potential to revolutionize access to financial services in countries with a lower banking penetration rate. A potential that is already being exploited in different projects hosted in different parts of the American continent and that goes far beyond what most e-wallets offer.

Our e-wallet is a very complete and fully adaptable technology that even takes advantage of the blockchain's potential and that surprises with its infinite possibilities. The companies that start working with our technology can offer financial services to their clients without having to create a bank account. If you want to learn more about CHANGEiT Wallet, ask us for more information through this form.

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