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Mobile payment in 2019: the definitive payment means?

04 April, 2019

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There are 2659 million users connected to smartphones worldwide. Experts in the field expect that by 2019 more than 900 million people around the world will use their mobile devices to make payments and by 2020 this figure will exceed 1 billion people.


In Spain currently 94% of users use a smartphone, compared to 41% six years ago, and, according to MasterCard's Digital Payroll Barometer, today 31% of Spaniards choose to pay with their mobile phone on a regular basis. So, it is easy to perceive that it is an upward trend that will become popular in a very short time.


There is no doubt that mobile is the most convenient tool we have in our pocket always to pay for the products and services we consume on a daily basis in a physical way. And contrary to what is usually thought, this means of payment can be even safer than the rest, since virtual cards can not be stolen or duplicated because they are inside our smartphone. But also when we decide to pay with the mobile we enjoy a triple layer of protection: first, whenever the phone has a password, PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition is protected; Second, the app also requests a password or PIN; and finally, the own security measures that the payment with the conventional card has.


But it is that for some people from developing countries paying with mobile is the only option, because banks do not allow them to access conventional financial products due to their low economic resources. This is where mobile technology can make a big difference, as CHANGEiT is already doing in different projects where financial inclusion is promoted thanks to this means of payment.

And is that to pay with the mobile only we need:
  • A mobile phone with QR or NFC connection
  • An app that allows you to carry out the economic transfer (e-wallet)
  • Let the business where we buy accept mobile payments

At PaynoPain we have based our e-wallet technology on the QR system, which is enormously economical, since it only requires a printed code and a smartphone with a camera to read it. This makes it the easiest option to adapt in any country, but especially in those with fewer economic resources, which also, as we have seen, is where most benefit is derived from this technology.


Contact us to discover how to create an electronic wallet adapted to the needs of your customers and under your own brand with our e-wallet CHANGEiT technology.

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