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PaynoPain consolidates its collaboration with Validda, creating the joint PayValida brand

20 April, 2017

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The consolidation of the joint project between PaynoPain and Validda Colombia has resulted in the birth of the PayValida brand, a new benchmark in Colombia in practical and secure payment solutions for electronic commerce.


With numerous innovative utilities for electronic commerce, the creation of PayValida means for PaynoPain a new step in its approach to the Latin American market, as well as a new professional success that favors once again the approach of the safest and most current finance technology to companies. and consumers.


This new brand is already an important reference in the online sales technology for the Colombian market, since it offers adaptable, very practical electronic commerce solutions at really competitive prices. This is possible thanks to the collaboration of two expert companies and the leader in the fintech sector, such as PaynoPain and Colombia's Validda.



With the backing of the Colombian Chamber of electronic commerce and the security generated by the PCI DSS certification (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard), PayValida is a guarantee of secure payments for Colombian e-commerce. This high level of security is a non-negotiable key in all PaynoPain projects, as we are well aware of the importance of cybersecurity for all actors in virtual commerce and it is the priority that guides our work.


And as experts in high risk sectors since 2011, in PaynoPain we have the most current anti-fraud technology, an intelligent system that is very valuable in any case, but essential in countries with a high level of online fraud cases such as Colombia. And PayValida has, of course, with this tool, perfected over the years to reach its current value: a security guarantee as few exist.


About our partner in the project, Validda, has a presence in Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and Ecuador, being considered in the LATAM market an important reference in the sector of secure prepaid cards for online videogames. The union of PaynoPain's technology with Validda's extensive experience in the Latin American sector has resulted in the perfect synergy to create the new PayValida brand.


Once again it is confirmed by the trust of reputable international collaborators such as Validda that PaynoPain is increasingly ahead of the B2B fintech sector. And it is that having finished just the first quarter of 2017, there are already many professional milestones completed this year that motivate us to continue investing enthusiasm and efforts in projects such as PayValida.


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