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Secure payment gateway: PSD2, PCI and other factors to consider when choosing it

27 February, 2020

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Today, online shoppers are more informed and more demanding than ever. When shopping at an online store, they want to make sure that it is a secure service that will guarantee that their data is protected and that they will not suffer any setbacks in the purchase process. How to guarantee this? Choosing a secure payment gateway that allows you to comply with the PSD2, PCI-DSS and other important factors for the user.


Secure payment gateway: PSD2

There has been much talk about the new European directive that regulates online payments and that, after a moratorium, will be mandatory since November 2020. This regulation seeks to increase security for the online buyer and requires he to be identified and authenticated by two different ways (mobile, pin, fingerprint, etc.) to avoid the use of stolen cards. This is simple to comply with 3DSecure technology, which through the mobile phone authenticates the buyer twice.

In the case of special businesses such as hotels, they will need a Merchant Initiated Transactions and card tokenization service to be able to make subsequent charges with a single initial authentication.


Secure payment gateway: PCI-DSS

Any company that stores customer payment data needs to comply with PCI-DSS or Data Security Standard for the Payment Card Industry. It is for this reason that any payment gateway will need to comply with these regulations to guarantee the legality and security of its customers.

An alternative is to opt for a PCI PROXY service to comply with the regulations without needing to be PCI. This service is quite new and especially interesting for businesses in the hotel sector such as PMS or Booking Engines.


Secure payment gateway: card tokenization

A secure payment gateway will always offer cards tokenization as a security tool, as it is the safest way to work with sensitive data with the total guarantee that they cannot be stolen or decrypted. The operation is simple: the payment data of the card is transformed into a token or code without any logical relationship between them that will be the one that will represent that card within the system from that moment.


Secure payment gateway: intelligent anti-fraud system

That it has an intelligent anti-fraud system that allows to establish dynamic risk rules is definitive to know that we are facing a secure payment gateway. This tool allows you to establish suspicious behavior parameters and block users who are at risk of using a stolen card, for example. The more customizable it is, the better it will work when it comes to avoiding fraudulent activities.


At PaynoPain we are experts in online payment technologies and our Paylands payment gateway has all these security technologies and more. Without a doubt, our service offers the highest security guarantee in the market, something really important when it comes to offering trust to online customers today.


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