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What is the best way to accept payments online? Virtual POS

01 January, 1970

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A POS or Point of Sale Terminal is the system that allows you to manage the sales of a business, especially to accept payments. There are physical POS (which are much more than just the dataphone) and there are also virtual POS, necessary to process payments from credit or debit cards in ecommerce or online stores.


It is often thought that the only providers of virtual and physical POS are banks, but the truth is that today there are several financial technology companies, such as PaynoPain, and we are experts in offering payment services, including POS (both virtual and physical). In our case, we have 10 years of experience and the support of thousands of satisfied customers. We also comply with rigorous security requirements (Bank of Spain, PCI-DSS regulations, among others), which is why we offer as many security guarantees as banks. Likewise, we are experts in technology and we can offer a faster service and more personalized support than banks usually give.


In this way, to contract a virtual POS in order to accept payments online without a bank and with all the guarantees, it is only necessary to contract our services, as a payment gateway and as an acquirer, and thus in a few days it is possible to be accepting your customers payments online. Therefore, the only service that would be necessary to have contracted with a bank would be a bank account where to settle the profits obtained by the business.


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