¿Qué pasarela de pago usas para tu servicio de compra y venta de criptomonedas?

What payment gateway do you use for your cryptocurrency buy, trade and sale service?

We have previously discussed the needs of companies that are engaged in the buy, trade and sale of cryptocurrencies. These are relatively new online businesses with very specific characteristics that make them need extra security and facilities for their customers. … Read More

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Vender más por internet esta navidad

Do you want to sell more online at Christmas? This is your secret weapon

If you have a website to sell online, surely right now you will find yourself in the middle of the Christmas campaign. Everything must be ready as soon as possible to sell as much as possible: the website perfectly running, … Read More

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Métodos de pago online: cuál es mejor como vendedor

Online payment methods: which is the best as a seller?

When we create an online store our final goal is to sell as much as possible, so when we choose the online payment methods we’re going to offer to our customers, we must also pursue this goal. However, to make … Read More

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Qué es machine learning y cómo funciona

What is machine learning, how does it work and what is it used for

Expert post Héctor Vicente Moya, Project Manager at PaynoPain   We have mentioned in more than one occasion that our payment gateway (Paylands) uses artificial intelligence like machine learning technology in its anti-fraud system so that it can “learn” and be … Read More

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Por qué la empresa fintech de España va a la delantera mundial

Why Spanish fintech companies are in the worldwide top

There are several business sectors in which Spain stands out at a global level and, although it’s a new field, our fintech companies have also been growing for some time now. Specifically, it’s estimated that we’re the 5th world power … Read More

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¿Esperas ventas online en el Black Friday? No te la juegues con tu pasarela de pago

Do you expect online sales on Black Friday? Make sure you have a good payment gateway

Last year’s Black Friday is remembered for breaking record sales (up to $1 million per minute in peak hours) and by the prominent position that online sales had. And it’s not surprising, because day after day customers prefer buying online … Read More

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Elegir pasarela de pago en España

How to choose the right payment gateway

Choosing a payment gateway for your ecommerce or online store isn’t always easy. We know that there are many options and all of them seem to offer the same. How to differentiate, then, which are the best payment gateways? Today … Read More

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Sistemas de pago móvil: NFC y QR, ¿cuál es mejor?

Mobile payment systems: NFC or QR, which is better?

In Europe, when we talk about mobile payment we immediately think of NFC technology and we picture a smartphone approaching a POS device. That’s because here the majority of businesses that offer contactless payments are based on this technology for … Read More

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Retos y objetivos de la empresa fintech en 2019

Fintech company challenges and objectives in 2019

Expert post Jordi Nebot, CEO of PaynoPain and fintech expert   The fintech business is living a moment of full maturity. After an unprecedented boom of all kinds of technological services and products focused on revolutionizing the world of finance, … Read More

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Exchange criptomonedas seguridad

Cryptocurrencies exchange: how to guarantee your site’s security

With the massive emergence of online cryptocurrency exchanges, there have also appeared some unreliable sites that can overshadow the image of this type of business. For this reason, it’s more important than ever that the serious cryptocurrency exchange websites not … Read More

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