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5 steps to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce

07 March, 2019

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The conversion rate of your e-commerce is one of the main metrics that will help you evaluate the sales success of your online store. If you still don’t calculate it, it's time to start taking it into account, since it's a fairly simple metric that will allow you to follow up on how your online business evolves. It’s as simple as dividing the number of sales between the number of visits to the website, the resulting percentage is the conversion rate of your e-commerce and, logically, we should try to upload it.


Increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce in 5 steps

1. Improves usability and facilitates the purchase

The simpler and easier to use is your online store website, the better. The ultimate goal is to facilitate navigation and, above all, the purchase, so better forget about complex websites with endless texts and infinite sub-sections (unless necessary for the type of business). Highlight the purchase buttons as much as possible and leave very clear the steps to follow to process the order. Finally, choose a payment gateway that is integrated into your website and that requires the minimum possible steps to finish the payment process.


2. Includes product recommendations

Many times the users don’t directly reach the product that interests them and you run the risk of them leaving your website due to lack of knowledge. The solution is to include recommendations for related products within the tab of each product, so that you give ideas and facilitate the search to the visitor. This way you’ll make sure that if you have the products that the buyers are looking for, they won’t leave without acquiring it.

3. Allows reviews on products

This technique offers great confidence to the new visitor, being able to see that other people have already acquired that product and are satisfied with their purchase. Of course it will also be important that you offer products with good value for money and an efficient customer service, so you will be sure to receive positive reviews.


4. Minimize shipping costs

It’s preferable that your products are a bit more expensive to amortize the cost, than your customers having to pay high shipping costs. Today there are many online stores that don’t charge shipping costs, at least from a certain amount of expense, so customers are especially reluctant to pay for them, as they will easily find another e-commerce that does not charge them.


5. Offer different payment methods

Some users are still distrustful in the field of online payments and other users, simply, are demanding in terms of their preferences. For this reason, the more online payment methods you offer to your customers, the easier will be for them to complete the purchase process. For example, our Paylands payment gateway allows to even charge in cryptocurrencies, to satisfy the most digitized users.


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