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Why choose a Spanish fintech company to manage the online payments of your business

14 March, 2019

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The offer of online payment providers is very extensive both nationally and internationally. The largest companies known as Stripe or Paypal are of foreign origin and this inevitably leads to a much slower and less close attention to their customers. Luckily, the spanish Fintech panorama is one of the most complete in the world, finding us in the position number 6 of the world powers in this area.


However, when choosing a provider of online payments, it is not only necessary to take into account the origin and size of the company, but also its technological and innovation capacity. It is also very important not to settle for the first service that we find and make a comparison of the tools and functionalities offered by each provider, since it is a sector in which it is constantly innovating but not all products have the latest technology.


PaynoPain is a Spanish fintech company with 8 years of experience in the online payment sector and different awards in the area of ​​innovation behind us. Our support and customer service is internal, so it is very easy and quick to access our technical team to efficiently solve any incident or doubt that may arise. We constantly update our products, incorporating the most advanced improvements and taking into account the needs that our customers transfer to us.


From PaynoPain we have developed our Paylands payment gateway, a very simple tool to integrate it into your website and offer online payments to your customers that has a wide variety of features. In terms of security, as a PCI company we store your customers’ data securely and the double authentication 3D Secure and the anti-fraud system allow to minimize the possibilities of fraudulent purchases. Furthermore, Paylands has the most current technology, such as the ability to charge in cryptocurrencies.


Contact us without obligation to know everything about our online payment service and decide if it is the best option for your company:

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