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Advantages of charging in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in your online store

07 February, 2019

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Currently it’s already possible to charge in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies although your online store is not dedicated to the blockchain. It’s as simple as integrating our Paylands payment gateway, and in addition to charging with debit or credit card and other traditional methods, you can also charge in cryptocurrency.

And although it may seem somewhat complicated and that will lead to difficulties, the truth is that it’s as simple as integrating the payment gateway and, in fact, it implies different advantages for both the seller and the buyer. Do you want to know them? Here are some examples:


Instant and global payments

One of the best things about the blockchain is that it has no geographical restrictions, so the location doesn’t affect when sending cryptocurrencies, neither in cost nor in speed. This is very beneficial for online businesses that sell in different countries or plan to do so in the future.


Non-existent fraudulent chargebacks

The irreversibility of transactions in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies makes fraudulent chargebacks impossible. This is especially interesting for businesses with higher risk of chargebacks after purchase, such as those selling virtual products or services.


Marketing opportunity: new target audience

Although not yet in widespread use, the truth is that the blockchain already has many followers who use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. Offering this type of currency as a method of payment can be a very big attraction for this type of buyers, who will choose your business over another which doesn’t offer it as an option.


Faster and easier shopping

As it is a very simple tool to use that only requires the scanning of a QR code to pay, customers will enjoy faster and easier purchases, at the same time that your online store reduces the rate of abandoned carts. This is common when reducing the time and the number of steps to carry out the purchase, resulting in higher sales and economic benefits.


Do you want to implement our Paylands payment gateway and start charging in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in addition to traditional methods? Contact us and we will explain to you how to do it!

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