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PaynoPain launches a new service to charge with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

31 January, 2019

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Once again in PaynoPain we bet on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, this time boosting its democratization through our new service: an online payment gateway to buy and sell online using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as payment.


The tool, very simple to use, uses cryptographic applications to be able to pay simply by scanning a QR code. Thus, it’s not necessary to open your wallet or enter any data, achieving an even faster and safer purchasing process. The seller will charge in the cryptocurrency chosen by the buyer and then may keep or exchange them for euros or other currency, simply.


For the online seller, starting to charge also in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies has different advantages. Not only adding a now payment method, which already implies higher sales, but also has a higher level of security, works 24/7 in real time and has a lower rate of fraud and chargebacks than other online payment methods.


It’s important to bear in mind that the cryptocurrency market currently has about 32 million users with a blockchain wallet. Only in Bitcoins this market these days moves around 51 thousand million Euros (17 million Bitcoins), the most popular of cryptocurrencies which is increasingly accepted as a payment method in all types of businesses, both virtual and physical.

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