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Arena Mexico City incorporates “latest technology”

11 May, 2016

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Last Saturday, ZIGNIA incorporated NFC technology to make "cashless" through the MIT payment platform, facilitating the purchase of attendees at the ARENA CITY of MEXICO. The great novelty was the integration of a bracelet with which you can pay without using cash.


easyGOband is an innovative wristband to make access control easier, safer and more efficient, instant cashless payment at large events and user identification and traceability, including interaction with social networks.

MIT Marketing Ideas and Technology together with PayNoPain Solutions have developed and implemented a set of digitalized and concentrated functionalities in a physical support that facilitates user interaction with different services. easyGOband monitors access control and gauging, by means of NFC support, cashless payments and the purchase of ticketing are made, link the personal account for interaction with social networks and, if necessary, locate the owner of the bracelet inside the enclosure.

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