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Artificial intelligence improves your eCommerce sales

10 January, 2019

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As we saw in an expert post a few months ago, artificial intelligence advances at full speed and day after day offers more and more optimized technologies for all professional fields. In the case of the eCommerce sector or online sales, there are different ways to improve the results thanks to implementing artificial intelligence solutions on the website. Let's see the most important ones:


Chatbots: customer service and sales assistance

The level of naturalness and realism that chatbots have reached is surprising, to the point that your customers will come to doubt whether they are talking to a real person or not. This type of technology allows to give answers and attention to users at any time of the day or night, being an efficient and economical alternative.


Deep learning: individualized user experience

This subcategory of machine learning studies and learns the behaviors of customers in your eCommerce to offer a more personalized user experience. This technology can predict, thanks to the large amount of information processed, what will be the next step of a user in an online store, allowing you to get ahead and set the necessary measures to facilitate the purchase process, for example.


Predictive analysis: efficient inventory management

Analyzing the consumption patterns in the website, this technology can predict future demand, ahead of the eCommerce stock needs. In this case, artificial intelligence helps improve business results thanks to being able to always offer the products that the client will demand.


Smart anti-fraud system: reduces fraud and chargebacks

One of the biggest fears of eCommerce managers are the chargebacks and the most problematic of them are those related to fraud. This can be avoided with a good fraud screening system, especially if this is smart like that the one implemented in Paylands payment gateway. Stipulating rules of action and learning from previous experience, this system achieves fraudulent attacks on your eCommerce not to succeed.


From PaynoPain, as experts in payment methods and innovative technology, we can help you improve the sales of your eCommerce and reduce fraud and chargebacks with our payment gateway. Ask here about the conditions and everything you can get when you start working with us.

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