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Reasons to offer online payments in your store

03 January, 2019

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Not all online businesses are born on the Internet, there are a lot of brands and physical stores, big or small ones, that have made the digital leap in order to to sell through the Internet and improve their sales results. The advantages are many, for that reason if you haven’t begun yet to offer online payments to your customers, you’ll be interested in learning everything you can earn if you do so:




1. Reach a greater audience


The first point is the most logical, because while in your physical store you can only serve people who live in your neighborhood or pass in front of the shop, offering online payments in a virtual store you can reach a larger region, the entire country or even Internationally, as you are interested. The investment you’ll have to make is minimal compared to the increase in income that you can enjoy.




2. Very low fixed costs


Learning a bit about online sales or simply hiring an external service you can have your eCommerce running online and offer online payments to your customers. While the business is small, you can manage it with the staff you currently have without any complications and, in the event that sales grow, you can outsource the site management, saving personnel costs, until it's worth increasing the workforce. If you think about it, it's like opening a new store but without having a physical location or workers and with minimal fixed costs.




3. Online presence increases physical sales


How is it possible that by opening an online store increase the sales of your physical store? Very simple: it’s due to the ROPO trend (Research Online Purchase Offline), which implies that a very high percentage of buyers search the internet for the products they want before buying them in a physical store. In this way, thanks to having an online presence, you will get many people from your area who normally didn’t go to your store, start going.




4. Greater security


Although there are still people who don’t completely trust the level of security that implies buying online, the truth is that it’s even safer than doing it in a physical way. The key to making online payments safe for both the seller and the buyer is to choose a payment gateway that meets the most stringent regulations and includes the latest fraud screening technology.




So, if you are thinking about taking your business to the online world, don’t hesitate and take the digital leap right now to get all these benefits. From PaynoPain we can help you with our Paylands payment gateway, which includes the latest technology, meets the highest security standards and, if all this is not enough, has the lowest commissions. Check it by sending us all your questions through this form:






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