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Cryptocurrencies exchange: how to guarantee your site’s security

11 October, 2018

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With the massive emergence of online cryptocurrency exchanges, there have also appeared some unreliable sites that can overshadow the image of this type of business. For this reason, it’s more important than ever that the serious cryptocurrency exchange websites not only offer an image of reliability to their customers, but also work to guarantee maximum security for their users and for themselves.

In order to get an optimal security level there are some requirements that your cryptocurrency exchange site must meet and that will tip the scales in your favour when your future customers choose between yours or your competitors’ website. Let's see those requirements:


HTTPS protocol

This measure is basic nowadays and it’s the only way to guarantee your cryptocurrency exchange site users that their navigation data travel encrypted (SSL or Secure Sockets Layer). In addition, complying with this protocol isn’t only necessary for security reasons, but also Google demands it and penalizes those sites that don’t comply.


Secure login

A fraud attack is even worse when it comes to a website that deals with information as sensitive as a cryptocurrency exchange. For this reason, the users of your site will appreciate any extra security measure when accessing their accounts, such as the two-factor authentication (2FA).


Secure payment gateway

Of course, all the steps that users take in a cryptocurrencies exchange site must be safe, but the paying process is the moment that should offer the most security guarantees, since there are dangers such as identity theft that must be neutralized. Our Paylands payment gateway is a perfect example of maximum security for cryptocurrency exchange websites, thanks to all the security and anti fraud measures it integrates.


Cold storage

Keeping cryptocurrencies in cold storage (offline or disconnected) is the way of not exposing them to any risk of theft. Therefore, using this method to keep most of the funds is the best option, and publishing the addresses of that cold storage is also a highly recommended transparency exercise.


But these are just some of the most important security measures to take into account when creating a cryptocurrency exchange site. There are many others that, added to these, will make your website the safest and have the best user’s reviews, for example: encrypted e-mails, 24/7 wallet monitoring or irrefutable reservation test. Investing in good security measures will be a guarantee of satisfied customers and success for your business. At PaynoPain we can help you achieve this goal with our secure payment platform, ask us anything you want to know about it here.

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