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Are you looking for alternatives to Stripe? Discover the simplest solution

04 October, 2018

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Nowadays there are many ways to sell online, different payment methods that adapt to the needs of each type of customer. This is because the goal is to make things easy for the buyer, however many times the providers of online payment solutions don’t take into account the needs of the seller. High commissions, complicated integrations or insecurity towards fraud attacks are just some of the problems that the owner of an ecommerce can find when he starts working with an online payment gateway.


There are many online sellers who end up dissatisfied with their suppliers and decide to change, either by cutting costs or by improving service. If this is your case and you’re looking for alternatives to Stripe, Paypal or any payment platform, you’ll be interested in learning the conditions of our Paylands payment gateway. It’s the simplest, most economical and complete solution you can find in the market. These are some of the advantages that you will get by switching to our solution:


Alternative to Stripe with lower commissions

The price isn’t the most important thing but it can be a determining factor when deciding between different online payment platforms. In the case of Paylands, we offer a service of the highest quality but always with very low commissions so the costs of your ecommerce don’t increase too much. You can check the prices through this form.


Alternative to Stripe with protection for the online seller

Usually people talk about the fraud cases suffered by online customers, but these situations also greatly harm the online seller. It’s key to completely avoid any possibility of suffering a fraudulent attack, and that’s why Paylands has its own anti-fraud system that works together with different standardized security measures and guarantees the maximum security for those who sell and for those who buy online. Learn more about online security when buying and selling online here.


Alternative to Stripe with attentive and effective customer service

One problem that big companies usually have is the impossibility to offer fast and individualized support to their clients. In PaynoPain we don’t have that problem, our priority is the satisfaction of our clients and that’s why we attend to all demands immediately and individually, and to do it we have a team of experts in online payment solutions.


Is this your case and are you looking for an alternative to Stripe or another virtual payment platform?

Ask us through this form any questions you have and Paylands will be running on your website in less than 24/48 hours:

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