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Cryptocurrencies: what needs do the fintechs that manage their sale?

21 June, 2018

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Regardless of the disparity of opinions that exist about its future, if something is undoubted is that currently cryptocurrencies continue at a peak and the public shows great interest in them. And not in vain, because it is a market that quotes more than 250,000 million dollars and no less than 1,500 crypto-assets (source Finnovating).

Its importance can be easily verified by analyzing the large number of fintech companies specializing in the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies that have emerged in recent years. These entities facilitate access to virtual currencies to all those people who want to invest in this new sector, so that anyone can buy or sell bitcoins, ethereum, litecoins, dash ...  

But as in any virtual economic transaction, the purchase of cryptocurrencies requires an online payment gateway and, if normal the security is important, in this case the needs multiply. This is because the characteristics of anonymity implicit in the concept of cryptocurrencies, its sale through bank cards presents the risk of fraudulent attacks almost irrastreables.

It is for this reason that fintech specialized in the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency seek to work with payment gateways that have experience in the sector and that meet certain essential requirements. Luckily, PaynoPain knows well the needs of these companies and our payment gateway Paylands has long been a reference in the online purchase of cryptocurrencies.

How is the perfecto payroll to manage cryptoconeds?

  • Secure: it requires an insurmountable anti-fraud system based on experience with real customers that guarantees a completely secure cryptocurrency purchase process.
  • Made to measure: allowing different payment methods (TPV charges, mo-to, in batch ...), a unified control panel and a customizable payment card.
  • Easy to integrate: both in applications and in the aesthetics of each website.
  • With good conditions: adjusted prices even in advanced or personalized plans.

And it is thanks to fulfill all these characteristics and many more that Paylands already works efficiently with different fintech specialized in cryptocurrencies. PaynoPain seeks to facilitate the work and day-to-day management of our customers and we are pleased to be able to collaborate in the advancement of the most current technologies such as the blockchain.

So, if your company has special security and adaptability needs when it comes to receiving online payments, do not hesitate to contact us to quickly and easily get the solution that many Spanish and international companies and fintech already trust.

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