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5 security keys in online payments your business needs

28 June, 2018

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At this point there is no doubt that buying online is the most convenient, economical and fastest way to do it. In Spain alone, in 2017 online sales grew by 38% compared to the previous year. This is undoubtedly a not inconsiderable amount, and is that up to 27% of Internet users say buy one or several times a week online (source Cetelem Observatory of eCommerce 2017). What then is the highest priority now for both sellers and customers? A secure online payment guaranteed.



If you already have an e-commerce or an online business of any kind, surely one of your greatest concerns will be to guarantee the security of your customers. Similarly, for cyber-buyers to be sure that their data is protected and that they can not be victims of any type of fraud during their online payments is essential to trust a virtual business. How to guarantee, then, such security? Following these keys:



As we have seen before, the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is mandatory for all companies that store, manage and process sensitive financial information such as bank card data. This implies that any website that processes payments must be aware of and comply with the regulations and their updates.

And the simplest way to ensure that your business is complying with PCI-DSS standards is to hire services that already do, such as the case of the online payment gateway. Trust only financial service providers that show the following seal of compliance and you can give this point for completion.

PaynoPain PCI DSS 3.2


Do you know that password that you get in an SMS to the mobile phone sometimes to confirm your purchases online? This is the 3D Secure protocol, which is very important when it comes to guaranteeing the identity of the buyer and which allows to avoid countless fraud cases in online purchases.

This additional layer of security in online monetary transactions generates great confidence and confidence in the buyer and prevents the seller from being involved in disputes in case of card theft. So, it is very important to work with a payment platform that offers this service.



Tokenization is the best way to guarantee confidentiality to customers and, therefore, comply with the PCI-DSS regulations that we saw earlier. It is a system that allows the automatic transformation of sensitive financial data into random numerical series, so that, even if there was a fraudulent attack, confidential data could not be extracted from customers.



If fulfilling the requirements we have seen so far we could offer a fairly secure system for online payments, if we have an intelligent anti-fraud system, the guarantee becomes complete. This means having a tool that allows establishing performance parameters that give the alarm in case of discovering suspicious activity, that is, a system of dynamic risk rules. These parameters are customizable and "learn" from previous experiences, so that the tool is perfected day after day.

In PaynoPain we have our own anti-fraud system based on Big Data, whose presentation is very simple to use by our clients and guarantees them and the end customer total security.



Finally, if you work in a particularly sensitive area due to the large volume of transactions that are carried out and their amount, as is the case of the tourism or gambling sector, it is worth having an extra tool that allows us to facilitate the our most loyal customers and, at the same time, cut off potential fraud attempts.

How to get this? Through black and white lists, that is, the establishment of different permits for different types of consumers. Thus, the most loyal and secure customers will enjoy a simple online payment, although equally authenticated, while any new customer who carries out a suspicious activity will be subjected to different levels of authentication or even blocking.


While it may seem difficult to access all of these security systems for your online collections, at PaynoPain we offer all these guarantees and more through our Paylands payment gateway. Do you want your online business to offer the safest shopping experience to your customers? Contact us and within 24 hours you can have Paylands running on your website.

Do you think we can be the best payment gateway for your business? Contact us!

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