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Do you expect online sales on Black Friday? Make sure you have a good payment gateway

08 November, 2018

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Last year's Black Friday is remembered for breaking record sales (up to $1 million per minute in peak hours) and by the prominent position that online sales had. And it’s not surprising, because day after day customers prefer buying online more and more, especially on these kind of dates when the overcrowding is extreme in stores and shopping centers. Therefore, everything indicates that this year the figures will be at least as high as were last year.


But before the day comes, you have to keep in mind that if the process of buying and selling it’s difficult in stores when there are too many people, your website and your payment gateway can also suffer dire consequences if many virtual customers appear and start processing payments at the same time. The difference is that if you have the right technology, in your online store customers won’t notice that it’s Black Friday beyond finding important discounts.


As experts in online payments, at PaynoPain we know the importance of working with a complete and updated payment gateway when trying to achieve the highest possible online sales. And not only to ensure that everything works properly, which thanks to our technology and team it’s guaranteed for our customers, but also to get better results. Because, yes, the payment gateway you choose will have an impact on your online sales volume.


On average, the cart abandonment rate in eCommerce is 75%, this means that this percentage of potential buyers had started the purchase process but found something that led them to decide not to finish the process. It’s for this reason that when it comes to maximizing sales, especially on important dates such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, we must minimize the reasons that the buyer can find to interrupt the process. How? Choosing a payment gateway with these characteristics:

  • With the minimum possible steps to complete the purchase: each step multiplies the possibilities of abandonment of the process.
  • Fully compatible with any device: every day we buy more from mobiles or tablets.
  • Tokenization of cards and recursive payments: to avoid having to fill out the payment information in each purchase, but with maximum security.
  • Fully integrated with your brand image: this generates trust in the buyer and encourages to end the online purchase.

Does your online store or eCommerce still don’t have a payment gateway that offers all these advantages for your online sales? Discover Paylands today and it’ll be working on your website before Black Friday. Contact us here to ask any question and begin the integration process.

Do you think we can be the best payment gateway for your business? Contact us!

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