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Do you want to sell more online at Christmas? This is your secret weapon

05 December, 2018

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If you have a website to sell online, surely right now you will find yourself in the middle of the Christmas campaign. Everything must be ready as soon as possible to sell as much as possible: the website perfectly running, the stock planned, the products and offers organized and featured on the site, the campaign in social networks in progress... But there is always something more you can do to improve sales results, especially in a time when consumption rises as much as Christmas.

From PaynoPain, as experts in online payments, we want to help you improve your sales results this Christmas campaign and that’s why we’re going to give you a secret weapon that will help you stand out against your competition: our Paylands payment gateway. Just as you read it: changing the payment gateway can help you sell more online. Let's see, then, how our payment gateway benefits the online businesses in which it’s implemented.


Fewer steps to complete the purchase = more purchases completed

As we saw a few posts ago, in eCommerce 75% of sales aren’t completed because users stop midway through the payment process. Reducing this percentage is the ultimate goal of virtual stores that seek to improve results. An essential key to achieve this is to reduce the number of steps that the user must make to finalize the payment and in this has much to do the payment gateway that is being used.

If you want to sell more online at Christmas, make sure your payment gateway is integrated into your website, so it doesn’t make the user leave it. And, if we talk about recurring customers, in the next step you’ll see how to further increase the chances of the purchase process ending.


New purchases in just a few clicks

Although the virtual payment method with a debit or credit card is already quite agile by itself, if you also offer your recurring customers the possibility of not having to enter their data in each purchase, you'll reduce the cart abandonment rate much more.

At Christmas it’s usual to decide presents on the fly and, if your customers are satisfied with your products, very likely they’ll buy again in a few days. If your payment gateway allows the tokenization of the purchase data, you won’t only gain security for your eCommerce and for your customers, but also ensure you minimize the number of abandoned carts on your site.


Buying online with a smartphone, just as easy as on the computer

In 2017, 58.9% of online purchases made by Spaniards were made through mobile, how can we not think of such a high percentage of buyers? Most likely, your website is already responsive in order to be seen correctly on all devices, but remember that your payment gateway must also be optimized for different devices such as mobile and tablet, especially at a time as important for sales as Christmas is.


Lower commissions = higher net benefit

This last feature won’t get you more online sales this Christmas in a direct way, but it will increase the profits you get from your sales. If your payment gateway has a lower commission per sale, the profit margin you earn will, logically, be higher.

Achieving this is as simple as comparing the prices of different payment gateways in order to choose the one that suits you, but we need to advise you that you won’t find a service as complete as Paylands and with such low commissions. The features we have seen above are just some of those offered by our payment platform, request more information through this form and sell online this Christmas like never before:

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