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What payment gateway do you use for your cryptocurrency buy, trade and sale service?

13 December, 2018

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We have previously discussed the needs of companies that are engaged in the buy, trade and sale of cryptocurrencies. These are relatively new online businesses with very specific characteristics that make them need extra security and facilities for their customers. And it is precisely for these reasons that they must choose very carefully what payment gateway they hire to carry out economic transactions with their users, because this tool is key to ensure maximum security and convenience for their customers.


It is common for owners of cryptocurrencies buy, trade and sale websites to agree to use any payment gateway that accepts to give them service, however it is a big mistake not to make a comparison of suppliers, because not all services have the same quality and price. If this is your case and you are not fully satisfied with the service provided by your payment gateway, you need to know that there is an option that is much better suited to your business needs and with which some of the most important cryptocurrencies buy, trade and sale websites already work, such as Bit2Me.


We are talking about our payment gateway, Paylands, which offers very important advantages for the cryptos buy, trade and sale sites, such as the following:


- Tokenized payment with 3DSecure: this combination of technologies protects the users, since their payment data become indecipherable, and the owner of the site, minimizing the possibilities of identity theft with a double check.


- Dynamic Currency Conversion: the DCC allows your customers to pay with any traditional currency, regardless of what options you offer on your site, so you can serve customers from anywhere in the world.


- Customizable fraud prevention rules: our fraud screening service allows different levels of security to be established for different customer profiles, so that users with more suspicious activity face greater security measures.


- The lowest commissions: although it is not a technical characteristic, the truth is that the price can also be an important advantage when choosing a payment gateway. In our case, Paylands complies with all the above advantages and many more, in addition to offering very competitive commission percentages.


Ask us how to implement Paylands in your cryptocurrencies buy, trade and sale website and start offering a higher quality service while saving costs:

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