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Do you want your ecommerce to continue selling in summer? Follow these steps

06 June, 2019

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Depending on the type of business that is your ecommerce you’ll have noticed that your results improve or get worse in summer. The summer season is very characteristic at the sales level, because if your product is related to holidays this will be high season for your business and if they’re products of another type, the sales will possibly fall between a little and a lot.


Be that as it may, whether it’s high season or low season for your ecommerce, the truth is that summer is a time to invest greater efforts and increase even more sales or prevent them from decreasing. And today we will see the keys to achieve it in both cases:


Adjust the design of your site to summer

It’s not necessary to change the entire design of your website, but it’s recommended that you adapt banners, photos on sliders and others with summer images that the buyer can identify himself with. This, of course, is especially important when you sell summer products, but even if it’s not the case, with a summer style design, users will be more willing to buy.


Activate striking offers

If for your type of business summer is a good time to end the season and put all the stock on sale, great. But in case it’s not, just put some products on sale and you’ll get the attention of customers who, once in your site, will be more likely to end up buying other products. Advertise sales on the website, social networks and Google Ads.


It's time to invest in advertising

Although in summer there are few buyers for your products, you must make sure to capture them all and this will be achieved by investing in advertising. Program ads in Google Ads to get prominently in the results of Google. Even if you invest little money, if you have a good strategy, the investment will more than compensate. And if your products are visually attractive, it’s also interesting that you study the options to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, since they are the most visual social networks.


Have you heard about remarketing?

In summer many of the sales will come to you through your mobile phone, so it’s very easy for you to end up finding many abandoned carts. To solve it, plan a remarketing strategy to make yourself visible through ads to those buyers who have left the purchase halfway: you will get good results by encouraging them to return to your website.


In the same vein, it’s also interesting that you plan a few mailings to send to your previous clients, offering discounts and showing the new products that can be found in your ecommerce.


Facilitate payments

But the best strategy to avoid abandoned carts is to prevent them from happening from the start. And for this you need to have a good payment gateway that processes the purchase in the minimum possible steps and is comfortable to use from your mobile.


This is the case of Paylands, a payment gateway created to streamline purchases and maximize the profits of ecommerce. You can have it running on your site in 48h thanks to our technical team, the most efficient you’ll find.


Find out about the details without obligation by filling out this form with your questions and get ready to sell this summer more than ever:

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