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Are you going on a trip? We reveal how to pay abroad to travel safer

30 May, 2019

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Summer is here! We started the holiday season and many of us have already planned or are planning our getaway abroad. We already have the plane tickets, the hotel, the suitcases ... and the money? How are we going to pay for the different activities and purchases?

It’s very important not to neglect something as fundamental as the management of the money that we are going to use during our vacations. When we travel abroad there’s always the question of whether it’s more convenient to pay in cash or with a credit or debit card, but the truth is that the best options are neither of these.

Whenever we can, the best option will be to book online previously all the activities, transports and others that we have planned to need. In this way we forget to have to decide how to pay or even face technical problems at a time like vacations, when we want to relax and enjoy. But there are many more reasons:


Why book or pay online early when we travel?

  • Immediate offer: In a matter of seconds we’ll have at our disposal lists of options that can be hired in a few clicks, without having to make barely any efforts or lose time.
  • Saving time: We’ll avoid walking a lot of distance and having to go from one place to another, because we have everything on our computer screen. So we’ll be able to devote that time gained to what is truly important: enjoying the holidays.
  • Variety of options: The comparisons between products and services are much easier and faster through the internet, this way we’ll make sure to acquire the best option.
  • Easy to acquire: We can have the chosen product or service in a few minutes and a few clicks, as well as being able to access detailed information about the products.
  • Opinions: We can also have opinions from previous clients to get an idea about the products or services, with the consequent confidence that gives us know the experience of other users.

For other expenses, such as daily food or small whims, the most advisable would be to make the payment with the mobile phone. With this method we avoid the ATM and currency exchange services commissions and get more security than with the card. Mobile payments have several layers of security: PIN, password, fingerprint or facial recognition of the smartphone, the PIN of the payment app itself and, finally, the payment confirmation PIN.

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