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Easygoband, PaynoPain and Cuatroochenta launch innovative guest experience management platform for small hotels

29 September, 2023

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Easygoband, PaynoPain Solutions and Soluciones Cuatroochenta, three leading companies in the technology sector, have joined forces to launch the first platform specifically designed to manage the guest experience in hotels, with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the sector in Spain. This innovative initiative seeks to transform the operations and management of guests in small tourism establishments.

The project has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of various hotel associations and establishments, including the Castellón Provincial Association of Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs (ASH), the Spanish Association of Hotel Directors and Managers (AEDH), and the Talaherm and El Palasiet hotel facilities, where field tests have been carried out. In addition, the project has been financed by the European Union's Next Generation funds and is part of the Spanish Government's Recovery Plan.

The platform, called DT-Guest, has as its main objectivethe integral digitalization of all customer interaction processes in Spanish hotel SMEs.. This 360º platform will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and business intelligence solutions, which will address two key challenges in today's tourism industry.

The platform will make it easier for guests to make and manage reservations and other services linked to the hotel and customer experience during their stay through the personalized recommendations system. The platform will use AI algorithms to provide personalized recommendations to guests about hotel services and other tourist activities in the region. This will enrich visitors' stay and promote local tourism.

The DT-Guest project also has a positive impact on the regional economy, as it will act as a traction lever for tourism by offering a global and differentiated experience for visitors.

One of the highlights of the project is its focus on excellence. The DT-Guest Platform will integrate advanced technologies such as AI for real-time data analysis and automated decision making, enabling hotel SMEs to improve their competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

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