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Guide to improve the sales of your eCommerce in 2019

27 December, 2018

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If you manage an eCommerce or online store, surely at the beginning of the year you will set the goal of investing more in marketing efforts to improve sales in 2019. If you search the internet you will see that there are a thousand tricks and strategies to follow, but since we know you don’t have the time to test all of them, today we will see a summary guide of the five main keys that will help you improve the sales of your eCommerce in 2019:

1. Listen to customers and trends

If you take advantage of all possible channels to listen to your customers, such as social networks, the blog, e-mails, forms and products reviews, you can optimize your catalog to suit the consumer. Uncatalog what they don’t like and bring in new products based on customers preferences, so you’ll reduce costs, multiply sales and, in addition, you’ll get customers’ loyalty because they’ll feel their demands satisfied.

But you can’t ignore the sector trends, since many customers may be out of date but you can’t. Therefore, locate international companies in your sector that set trends and do an exhaustive follow-up to ensure you adopt the trends in your eCommerce as soon as possible.

2. Minimize cart abandonment rate

To achieve this goal there are two main lines of action to follow: minimize the steps to be taken to complete a purchase and make reminders to the user who has left the cart to come back to your website and resume the purchase process.

Minimizing the steps to complete the purchase is undoubtedly the most important, and from PaynoPain we can help you with our payment gateway, which is integrated into your own website so that the purchase is a fast and reliable process for the client.

There are also other actions that you can carry out in order to achieve this goal, such as making your website responsive (if it’s not yet), minimizing or eliminating shipping costs or including positive reviews from customers within the product file.

3. Guarantee your customers safety

Your eCommerce or online store must be safe for your customers, but you must also make it clear that in a very visual way. Therefore, don’t hesitate to include the security regulations seals (those that you comply with) to create an image of security and trust for the users of the site.

Regarding the management of customer payment data, the simplest way to comply with regulations and ensure maximum security is to choose a payment gateway that complies with them and also use the most current technology such as data tokenization or 3DSecure.

4. Create a blog and optimize the website content

If you still don’t have it, seriously consider including a blog on your online store website. If you write on it with a certain frequency (at least once or twice a month) issues related to your products, you will improve your positioning in Google, as well as giving valuable information to your potential customers.

But whether you have a blog or not, checking the texts that appear in your eCommerce to ensure that you include the right keywords is essential to have a good position in the search engines. Following some basic SEO guidelines you’ll ensure that your potential customers can find your site and your products.

5. Sell through Social Media sites

The most successful Social Media sites already offer the option of selling within its own platform, as is the case of Facebook and Instagram. If your target audience uses these sites to buy, don’t hesitate to try these new tools, start with a low investment and go up if it offers positive results.

But even if you don’t want or can’t afford to invest in social media payment formats, remember that just creating social profiles and regularly posting posts with links to your blog and your online store will offer you free of charge visibility.

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