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Increase the sales of your online store as a marketing expert

05 July, 2018

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Did you just start up your online store and want to make sure everything goes smoothly from the start? Have you been working in your e-commerce for a long time but want to improve sales results? Whatever your case, all the techniques and tips you will find below will help you to optimize your communication and sales strategy and thus improve results:



You may have seen the initials UX and UI, which correspond to "user experience" and "user interface". These are two disciplines that the designer of your website or the web template that you have used for your online store must have taken into account to offer the visitor the best possible experience.

We will start from that you already have a good design or "user interface", now it's time to make sure that the user has the easiest and most pleasant experience (UX) since entering your online store until the purchase ends. To achieve this you must take into account that you can easily find the product you are looking for (well classified and visible categories, product search, etc.) that the purchase buttons are very visible and launch a convincing message and, above all, that the purchase is carry out in the minimum possible steps.

To achieve this last step it will be essential that you hire the services of a payment gateway that can be integrated into your own website and not "take" the user off the site, lengthening the purchase process and creating distrust. If you are looking for this type of service, we recommend that you take a look at Paylands.



Once you have made sure that when the visitor arrives at your online store will have it very easy to end up buying, it is time to put efforts in that, effectively, the visitor arrives at your website. To achieve this there are many combinable techniques among them, the general recommendation if you do not want to hire marketing services is to try all the steps you will find below and analyzing how each change affects the results and so you can optimize your strategy over time:

  • Position yourself well in Google: sure you've also read something about SEO, the discipline that, well worked, helps you get up positions in Google results. The basic tasks to be carried out to gain visibility in Google are: work the texts that appear on your website, with information of interest to the visitor and a good length; create a blog talking about your products and topics that may interest your customers and, if you have a budget, you can access Google Ads (Google ads) and pay to appear in the highlighted positions.

  • Be present in Social Networks: you do not need to open a profile of your online store in each social network, although if you have time and know how to handle them well, you will find advantages in almost all of them. The networks that offer more tools for e-commerce are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, although this will change depending on the type of product you sell. The easiest thing is that you follow your competitors in all the networks and observe how they work, not to imitate them, but to create your own strategy of differentiation with respect to them.



Whether your online store offers single-sale products or recurring sales, you are interested in building customer loyalty. Why? Because of the powerful effect of virtual word of mouth. Today, Internet users have many ways to make our opinion about a service or product clear and this affects to a large extent the sales of an online business. From leaving comments on the website to evaluating the level of satisfaction with a score on Google, Facebook or external platforms.

The issue is that you want your users to be satisfied and let them know. And to get it you have plenty of ways, the most basic being to sell a quality product with an adjusted price (do not overlook adjusting indirect expenses, such as the commissions of your online payment platform), deliver it in time and for a price competitive and offer facilities for possible return. But nowadays this is not enough anymore, if you really want to win over your customers, you should try a little harder and carry out some or all of the following techniques:

  • Send a satisfaction survey after the sale: this will provide you with valuable information on how to improve and the client will convey the idea that you care about their satisfaction.

  • Store the payment data of your customers in a secure way so that your next purchases are faster. The best way to do it is through tokenization and to start it you only need to hire a payment gateway that works with this system.

  • Make discounts for large purchases or repeat buyers, rewarding your loyalty.

  • Include samples or gifts in the shipments, especially in first sales, so you will make other products known to the customer and cause a very good first impression.

  • Send a monthly newsletter to your customer database with links to blog posts and information on new or more successful products.


In the end, the best advice and that is transversal to all we have seen is that you learn to listen to your customers in all possible ways and optimize your strategy to satisfy their demands. This is how we work in PaynoPain, improving our products to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied and offering valuable information for your business like this post. If you have any suggestions or want to learn about our services, do not hesitate to contact us through this form.

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